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Hiya woody

Just to mention allium Purple Sensation for your purple plant list.  I have them dotted around and their rich colour adds a real sparkle.  White and purple sounds really good

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good idea V. I will get some bulbs in the autumn, perhaps at Malvern, another great Show. I already grow them elsewhere but not in this particular bed. I have about 30 growing in some blue glazed pots just now as an experiment and they look great altho' it is more difficult to hide the foliage as it dies off. Pleased though.

Woody I try to grow purple sensation so that other perennials are growing up around the dying allium foliage.  

I envy you your visits to,these shows.  Bit too far for us down here.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes, V. I normally hide mine among other perrenials, but this experiment is an extra treat, so to speak. I counted about 40 heads today. There are some violas peeping through the foliage, which is now dieing down . The overall effect is spectacular but would be better if I can find a better camouflage for the leaves.

I am very lucky to have gardening friends who now live in Worcester, so I don't even have to book hotels to go to Malvern



Very apt Bev. The garden is where I am happiest, even when I get frustrated because I can't do what I used to. 


Ditto Bev and Tina!  

And since I've posted too early on here as well I'm blaming it on the weather 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have had a very hard day in the garden, but when I look at what I achieved it makes me happy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I've done nothing - again. Oh, yes, I did feed the fish. 

Bev Pounsett-Krynauw wrote (see)

Here is something I found earlier

 That's nice Bev, the one I knew was

Be happy for a week kill a pig

Be happy for year take a wife

Be happy for a lifetime plant a garden

Much prefer yours. Plus you got a cute picture. 

Well it's rained constantly here today so don't mind being at work. OH is out trimming one of the hedges in the rain , I told him the weather is set to improve over the next couple of days but because its grown like mad this last week it's bugging the life out of him!

Had a visit to osteopath today, been suffering with neck, shoulder and arm.....I have a trapped nerve and already feel easier after the treatment, should sleep better tonight! I admit to being a miserable old '....the last couple of days, OH will be relieved !


Woo 2 Hope pain continues to ease, It'll be OH who needs treatment tomoz.


Evening all. Not much gardening done in last two days. Too much rain. Rain forecast for next two days too. Outdoor tomatoes look miserable, French beans static. Beetroot and spinach not germinating. Gardener (me) has arthritis in hands and knee, tendonitis in right elbow (too much weeding) and dental appt. on Saturday, depressed.


You,ve depressed me too now Busy Lizzie


Typical- nice all morning when I was at work and while I had my lunch,just got started outside  - daughter painting fence planks and me measuring for next post when the rain came on.  

Very thundery here but to be better tomorrow so hope I get further than today.

BL- you've had nothing but rain. You must be really fed up. Does the damp affect you arthritis too? I'm always more sore in damp weather - too many years of working outside all year round. 



How long is this fence Fairygirl? sounds like you are constructing the Great Wall Of China.


Sorry Gilly. Yes Fairygirl, I never understand why that should be.


Seemed to have been busy all day but when I look at what has been done isn't much.

Have planted up aubergines and peppers, done a couple of containers with some begonias from Suttons - waited along time for them and they are not up to much so not any geat hopes. After Suttons performance this year will think twice about using them again

have potted up a jardiniere for back of white garden, been meaning to do it for a long time. Hope it works. Tomorrow will have to go and chop some lilac suckers from the area I've put it.

Still have to  dry out awning etc from caravan, oh for a few dry hours.

I see you've been talking about plugs, these perennial plgs are OK if you know what to do but for some one developing a novice garden(er)  I think they are a rip off.

Highland Jeannie

Spent nearly a week in Edinburgh with friends from London - got back to a very hairy garden - it's been dry & sunny.

Fortunately our friends like gardening  so 1 was on pot watering duties & staking;1 did dead-heading; OH cut the grass & I weeded.  Result!!!

All done in glorious sunshine with more promised for tomorrow.  It's garden visiting then.


Night night all, just off to kill slugs & snails and then off to Land of Nod.