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Highland Jeannie

Hi Brumbull, it's good to "see" you again - I always enjoy your jolly comments!


Hi everyone   Good to see you Brumbull 

Glad to be home - it's been one helluva day 

I'm now outside a very large G&T and my feet are on the Brazilan pouffe and they're not going to move - OH is barman this evening 

Gardening Grandma

Watching prog about M Thatcher and relishing the fact that some potting on has been done.

I put one of my best teaching memories in the gardening jokes thread and I'm disappointed that no-one seems to have read it.  Never mind - peace and harmony! At least my poor headmaster has been spared a few blushes.

Evening all. Home late this evening so just catching up on things.

Ever so pleased, just checked the heated propagator and all but one cucumber seed has come up. Have sown courgettes and squash this evening. Thinking ahead, does anyone know how you would cook spagetti squash.

Some of the plants which were potted up yesterday have gone over to damping off, should have waited till their roots were a bit more developed, some were still very tiny, never mind patience is a virtue, will wait longer before potting up the next batch. 


Oh dear - Verdun has disappeared - probably asleep on the sofa with the dog on his feet.

Time for me to snooze now - sweet dreams folks - see you in the morning 


Gardening Grandma

Great, Zoomer. Nearly all of mine are up, too!

Just watched prog about Margaret Thatcher. She was one strong lady. Makes me realise what a weak one I am!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Home from pub, and gentleman's dinner. no doggy bags to share since food too good to waste. One of gathering won the big jackpot rollover and kindly paid for all the dinners. Living in a village such as this and having such good friends as all of you on this thread...well what more can I ask for?...

Time for bed sais zebedee....

Evening forkers

Well I have been busy in the garden all weekend Saturday - trying to sort it out planting an Indian bean tree and two choisya and them clearing stones and sorting out the border and then on Sunday a lot of digging and adding more topsoil/ dirt hard to do as ground bit solid - then pain owwwwwww......... lots of deep heat cream for me back and arms and still lots of digging to to yet - oh no

As the weather was better really nice on Saturday like spring was here more, less wind then - much better, but got bit windy again.

Well today resting a bit looking around garden and feeding the birds checking seedlings in my plastic greenhouse and on my window sill. Filling up compost bin in the garden.

Been so busy that I did not get on computer much and what a lot of post and gardening you all have been up to

Feel like I am a bit behind on my veg growing as have not sown anything yet only flowers

Woodgreen wonderboy

We are all behind I fear.. it could be panic stations before long and thai thread may dry up??

That will be same rushing around in the garden trying to get stuff done. We will all be in the garden and without getting updates by forum it is more tricky

Gardening Grandma

Evenin' all. Had a lovely day. Fat Club this morning and I did not eat the spotted dick and custard served there! Impressive, eh? Then I planted sweet pea seeds and also planted violas around my potted clematis, which have also been top-dressed, fertilised and pruned. One is my absolute favourite clematis, Madame Julia Correvon, a gorgeous viticella. Feeling rather complacent!


What fat club do you attend that serves up spotted dick and custard, GG.

Is anyone else having trouble with the speed of internet tonight or is it just me.  Just changed to BT Infinity because son wanted the highest whatever and I have found it so slow. Driving me nuts.


TinaTurner wrote (see)

What fat club do you attend that serves up spotted dick and custard, GG.

Is anyone else having trouble with the speed of internet tonight or is it just me.  Just changed to BT Infinity because son wanted the highest whatever and I have found it so slow. Driving me nuts.


tina-the only kind of Fat Club I'd want to join..

GG I'm glad you decided to sow some sweet peas. Some of my 'Cupani' haven't germinated but that's what i normally find. The 'Cathy' ones I sowed on Tues are starting to show already so I'm pleased with them. They're supposed to be well scented so I'll have a good amount for pots and perhaps on part of the fence until I get raised beds done there. Was working all day today so didn't get much done apart from potting on tomato seedlings so hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

Gardening Grandma

My computer is v slow tonight too, Tina.

At our fat club, we weigh, bemoan our failures then eat home-made goodies made in a low-fat way with artiificial sweeteners by my SIL, who is the owner of the cafe in which the fat club is held. It doesn't even matter if you haven't lost weight - the chat and fun are what count! But I've started low carbing so I virtuously refused the pud.

Hey, I heard that dove. Pardon! Was reading but looked like I was sleeping.
Evening FORKERS. Hope everyone had good day
Gardengirl you have been busy. Don't worry we are all behind with planting, seed sowing etc
Have you seen Salino's garden ? And his roses? I've never grown roses that good
Gardening grandma....this fat club? Is it really a restaurant? Ha ha



GG I've heard it all Years back went to fat club, then straight into the Wimpy and then the pub.  Wasn't anything else in our High Street at the time.  Owners must have loved Tuesday nights. Person who ran fat club did say to us on one occasion that it was a fat club, not a chat club. It's surprising the things you get to talk about other than your weight.

Gardening Grandma

This one is not any particular organisation - just a group of friends supporting one another. I'm related to most of them! So there's no pressure. I have lost a bit of weight, but I cheat like mad, and so do the others!


Verdun- are naughty!!!

My computer slow too. Relieved to hear you all say that as I was thinking it was my new laptop...there was a lot of sweary words...

I had a friend who went to a sewing bee but they didn't do a lot of sewing there either! I'm sure a lot of cake was eaten 


Glad I've just read your post Fairygirl.  Was about to remonstrate with son about the new provider.  Never had a problem all the years I was with AOL. Will hold of until tomorrow.

Evening all

The computer slow as well - may be forum.

Verdum thanks for that seeds will be sown some when - sure my plastic green house will be getting full then.

was raining a bit today but still went out later stop raining finished digging front garden tryed to level the dirt hard that - then I used Nemaslug to make it safer for more planting try stop them eating any plants I will buy.