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Right- I'll not do any more pix or my head'll be getting so big I'll need to widen all the doorways too...

GG- You enjoy your peace and quiet!

Verdi- you just keep sending me the good weather...

oh and here's a little something for you...


Not are a greedy fairy...Fairygirl. Ha ha


Great fence - so straight - I rate my builders weight mattock can get a really good swing with it and it digs great holes, removes roots, wouldn't be without it 



Maybe I should get one of those! I use my trusty little spade and a nice big pickaxe!

Verd...I'll go and sit on the naughty step...


Daughter just contacted me and asked me to put a BIG thank you on here to those who have sponsored her. 

I don't think she realised how generous people can be to a very good cause.

I will add my thanks and will keep you all updated - ride is July 12th - 13th


Woodgreen wonderboy

Great fence FG... but take care not to trip over that lower rail...  signed H&S police.


WW-  The other 4 bits were painted but not dry so will have to put them on tomorrow! My assistant wasn't going fast enough either.....


Evening all.  Felt so much better once I got going today. Didn't cut the vine down but have cut out all the dead bits and tied it all in.  Looks a straggly at the moment, but I'm sure it will survive, as did I, 8ft up!!  Then after clearing up, I painted my wooden garden furniture.  Am knackered (scuse), aching from head to toe. 

Feet up now. Hope it's another good day tomorrow.

The potty gardener

Evening all, though I expect many of you are still outside getting on. I took a pic today, I think it is a Dragonfly but am not sure- could someone please let me know.


Evening all.  What a blooming' scorcher.  Wonderful.  

Got plants delivered,today.....helenium Wyndley and dicentra Kimg of Hearts......and they were planted this evening. Knew exactly where they were jigsaw is nearly,complete. ,

Still have large pots,of cannas, blue salvias, dahlias, and various grasses that need homes. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend....the weather is,supposed to continue fine and sunny.  We Cornish are all tanned and 'appy yokels right now

Gardening Grandma

Evening all! What a fabulous day it has been here! The sun came out and since I had arranged to meet a friend for coffee in her seaside town, I had a lovely look at the sea. Family gone home and peace reigns. Planted some of my bought plants and potted on my aquilegia Chocolate Soldier and aquilegia Green Shades seedlings. Did my regular job of tying up Lady Banks (the rose!) to the pergola - it's pretty rampant! I love it. I have now worked out that it flowers on old wood and I should not have pruned it in March, as I did this year and last year. I'll prune it when it has finished flowering next month and give it a chance to grow the wood on which it will flower next year.

Woodgreen wonderboy

B P-K I think it may be a damsel fly since it's wings are folded along the body. A dragonfly's wings stick out at right angles to the body when not in use. Of course I may be wrong and it is the other way around!!!

The other clue is that damsels are usually smaller. Your picture makes it look like a giant alien invader.


Large red damselfly. Maybe summer is coming.

We've had a bat day. A lot of day time flying and some of them relocated to the shady end of the house. This year they'd taken up residence in a south facing dormer. Today was the first hot(ish) day and I think it was too much for them

The potty gardener

Thank you Woodgreenand Nutcutlet- I think it is a damsel fly.It was so beautiful and I was pleased to be able to get a pic.


Evening Forkers, yesterday me clearing a lot more weeds at station and sowing seeds from seed swap thread I got for at home.

Well today been enjoying the weather and even spotted a goldfinch nest with small chicks in so was enjoying watching them after watching spring watch yesterday and then having it in the garden great.


Here is a pic

Also a trip to get paint for the station

Evening all been tidying the garden up, doing a bug bio blitz sheet - spring watch interesting to find out what bugs are in the garden and watering plants and sitting in the garden nice sunny weather


Evening all

Cleared a lot of rubbish from the garden today then popped into the local nursery open day and sale........

 When I got home I found all these lovely plants in my boot!


Daisy - they just fell in, all by themselves !

Looks like some real gems there .....