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Daisy- a couple of clematis fell into my car earlier too. 

Just looking at the posts from last night. Lovely pic Bev- really clear. Damsel fly. We used to get tons at last house- I could have watched them for hours. Dragonflies are a bit later.  Lovely nest Ggirl. Will be  great watching the young birds.

Isn't nature stunning! 

its been another scorcher.  fantastic. no gardening...beach instead. hope everyone who has aches and pains is feeling better.

trouble is i have to start watering plants...this dratted


I gave myself aches and pains Verdun. 

The potty gardener

I was going to GC today but chose to sit and enjoy sun instead. However seeing and hearing of things jumping into car boots I feel I must go tomorrow.

Last year I put pots of trailing begonia on the top of the gateposts ( sounds grander than it is  ) but they were plastic and during high winds blew off- so one purchase will be some heavy pots to try this year. Then we will see if anything jumps into my boot.



A few aches and pains are OK. I've been heaving the hover mower through the cow parsley.  I'm having a day off tomorrow and going to a garden show.


Enjoy your day off nut. Don't be going buying any new plants now...

The potty gardener

Don't take any notice of Fairygirl Nutcutlet...... I don't mean the enjoy yourself bit.... Buy lots of new plants and show us them all 

Bev Pounsett-Krynauw wrote (see)

Don't take any notice of Fairygirl Nutcutlet...... I don't mean the enjoy yourself bit.... Buy lots of new plants and show us them all 

They just fall into your car boot!


I'll see what I can do Bev.


Will say goodbye until Thursday or Friday. Hoping to find a garden somewhere. 


Tried gardening this afternoon but kept getting rained on.

Where you off to Matty2 ?

plants - just like they way they all fall in the car boot

Nutcutlet see if you find anything nice sure you will enjoy your day out

I have been watching those birds a little some times you hear chirps and sometime all quiet


Somerset - bye


Hello folks - we're home   I have two new plants - there wasn't room for more in the car 

How are you all?  Hope everyone's ok - we've had the most fantastic weather down in Cornwall and we brought it back with us 


welcome back dove...nice to see your post

i was thinking of you earlier in the week when weather got cold n wet but its got better.

what gems did you pick up?...go on make us jealous

today its been hottest so far so hope everyone enjoyed it.  more to come too.


Hi Dove- glad you had good weather and a good time 

Been lovely here today - got lots done outside including moving the pieris- hopefully successfully but will see.

Lots of little hostas all snug in their pots and surrounded by nice jaggy grit 

having tea- lots of nice lettuce and spinach from garden....

other stuff too...I'm a fairy not a rabbit 


Hi Verdun  - thanks for arranging the weather - it was glorious except for Monday, and then we were eating a great lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen up at Watergate Bay, then met up with friends from a Foodie Forum at the Blue Bar at Portowan, so it really didn't matter about the rain that day .  

We visited Coverack on the Sunday and fell in love with it (might have had something to do with the combination of sunshine, Cornish bouillabaise and Roskilly's gooseberry icecream in such an idyllic setting ), and we went back again to repeat the day on the Friday.  We also went to Newlyn and St Ives  to see art and eat spider crabs, and spent an afternoon soaking up the sun and atmosphere at Carn Euny.  

The cottage we stayed in was really lovely, with a huge very comfortable bed and a very commodious and efficient shower.  It was in a deep wooded valley and we lay in bed in the evenings listening to tawny owls calling - one evening I'm sure there were two pairs.

I was given a present by my foodie friend of a little Kaffir Lime tree, so that is safely on the kitchen windowsill - and we discovered that Burncoose Nurseries were just around the corner from the cottage, so we spent a morning there and I treated myself to ............... a hosta - Stained Glass  which I plan to keep in a pot. It's a decent sized plant and occupied quite a bit of space on the back seat of the car, wedged safely with coats around it.  It also enjoyed driving around the countryside with the top down 

We did visit the Cross Common Nursery on The Lizard that  you recommended Verdun - what a lot of lovely and unusual tempting plants crammed into a small space -  OH took lots of photographs - but I kept my purse closed as plants I was tempted by were either too big/advanced to take home in the car, or they just wouldn't cope with our East Anglian climate 



Welcome back Dove. Glad you've had a good time. Actually had 3 days good weather in Yorks. Hope you've got some at home.


Sounds like you had a lovely break Dove - well deserved.

What is the hosta like -colour wise?