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Thanks puncdoc, perhaps it's worth a try for me. 


  Ha ha Dove!  I meant trees of course.


Absolutely fabulous day,sun very hot,got a bit sunburnt potting up the remainder of my coleus.

Noticed my Flamingo Acer is trying to revert back to plain green,so will have to sort that out tomorrow.

Hope everyone has had a good day.


Stuck indoors working all day. Cloudy all day yesterday, brightened up this afternoon.  Now for a well deserved Pimms and a look at the garden before watering it again.

hiya gilly

occasionally my acer flamingo sends up a green shoot..i just oull if off.  i hard prune every year in early spring and it responds by making a big 7' tall by 8' wide mound of beautiful foliage every year

oh, evening forkers.  been another sizzling day. 

havent checked all the threads today so hope Tina is well



The potty gardener

Evening all. I am well sunburnt. Will go out and water garden when it gets cooler.I'm worried we haven't heard from Tina again today.


Not long in so having dinner while looking at threads and note what you've just said Bev so I hope Tina is ok. Can't PM her as she doesn't accept them unfortunately. Get some aftersun on too Bev 

Been to nursery and was very restrained- a Fatsia and a Pernettya (-or whatever they're calling it now )- for  under front window. Two Iris- another Night Owl as mine have just been split up and  Black Dragon- also very dark. Will get some white ones when I go back.Couldn't resist little viola Molly Sanderson - jet black. Nowhere to put that but hey- I'll find a pot 

3 bags of their own lovely fine chipped bark to dress the border too so I'm happy.

Scorchio today - was glad od the sprinklers that were in full flow at the nursery!


Bev, same here, I'm fairly new but no Tina is unknown. I've sent PM but if she can't sign in like problem I had she can't see it.  Just hope she's not really poorly.

If you can read this Tina we miss you. If you can't sign in send email to G world address on google..that's what I did, when I was denied access.

Really hope you aren't poorly x


Hello folks - come back Tina - we'll forgive you whatever you've done 

But seriiously - really hope she's ok - it's a bit too quiet around here without her 


Dove I think there is a problem. She doesn't live alone does she? Think she has a son ??

well, when tina does sign in again she will see she has a load of friends here all wishing her well


Yes, she has a son whose motorbike is parked in her garden ... she was going to get him to move it .....


Oh, stop it you lot. You're making me feel guilty. 

I'm tickety boo. Got up late every morning and didn't faff about with computer but got on with my 'chores'.  Have painted myself and part of next door's garage wall which forms the boundary between us.  Very pleased with it too.  Don't want to put a climber there as I would be worried the wall may fall down if I try to attach trellis to it so have decided to put up a piece of garden wall art. Not too heavy.  Also jetsprayed the red colour off back gate and redid in the lovely colour my Jack & Jill seating is in.  Today, I have been trying to level behind my Magnolia tree but that was really hard going as the earth is pure clay.  Never been touched in all the years we have lived here.  Had to give up in the end as I was sooooo hot and really tired.

Garden looks lovely and I'm definitely off to B&Q tomorrow to get some bits and bobs and may then get to the GC for plants and groundcover. 

So there you are. Still in the land of the living, although I did feel a bit rough this afternoon.  Overdid it I think.

2 sons and a daughter Kef.  If daughter can't get hold of my (never take either phone in garden with me), she starts a round robin to find out whether I'm prostrate somewhere.  Doesn't go down too well with 2 sons who work in London!

You didn't really think you had got rid of me did you. Thanks anyway for your concern.

Got a lovely view from my french windows at present Dove.  A big black motor bike.  Told him that when he goes off to visit his girlfriend for a week, it is not going to be parked in the middle if my patio.  If he does, I will just have to have a go at moving it. Always wanted to ride a motorbike. Fancied a Harley Davidson though. Brm Brm

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hey you lot... have a look at "OT just thought you might like this"   thread...


Hurray! She's not deserted us!!

I think you've really been out for two days on that bike...down to Brighton and back....are you a Mod or a Rocker Tina? ....



Tina, at last..thought you'd croaked.. was getting a bus up / down to yours with cake & forum mates on board to check you out. Have a lie in tomoz won't worry about you till Sunday..KEF


TT, what with you and marauding jackdaws on Springwatch, we're all nervous wrecks 

And I told you what to do about the motorbike - trailing nasturtiums all over it - will look very smart against the glossy black ............

I'll get my coat 


Was a mod FG. Did get on boyfriend's Lambretta once and once only. Was petrified I was going to fall off!  Think I should have been a rocker really. Just got hooked up with the 'wrong' crowd. Or perhaps it was because I liked the way they danced!

You would all have been most welcome.  We could have all sat in the garden in the beautiful sun.

Having tootsies done tomorrow morning so will be a lazy morning, relaxing treatment then off to see what finds it's way into my trolley.


Get your bikini Dove- coat's too hot tonight! 

WW- watched the video... just stunning....


Glad Tina's OK.

Been a beautiful day today, but storms with hail are forecast for Saturday afternoon when I'm having my charity garden party with plant sale, cake and strawberries and cream. Last year everyone sat down for tea and the heavens opened and about 4 years ago I had it end of May and it was 2° and sleeted! I've worked hard on the garden, getting it ready. I hope the storms hold off.