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Well, let's hope they've got it wrong again BL. They will all have to go indoors!!  I suppose that's probably when it's a good idea to have a marquee, just in case. Probably expensive though. 

Will keep fingers and everything else crossed that it stays fine.


Thanks Tina. Off to bed now, busy day tomorrow. Night all.


Hope weather stays good for you - makes it so much more enjoyable! Night BL- I'm off too. 

Night all!

The potty gardener

I'll have my fingers crossed for you as well Lizzie. Night all

Gardening Grandma

Have a great time, BL.

Tina, glad to see that you are OK.

Night everyone.


everythings ok folks.  Tina's ok.

she was on a whisky binge all day according to her neighbours

Another name I haven't seen for ages is Brumbull, but I don't always manage to check the different conversations, so perhaps he's still around.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes Pentillie, I noticed that BB was absent, and he started this thread. I have messaged him to see how things are. Here's hoping.

me too woody.  have a feeling he is in Malaga.  sure hell be back



Thanks for the tips on my Flamingo Acer yesterday,have cut out the green shoots this morning, looking at your comment sit may be that I don,t prune it hard enough in spring,I,ll make sure I do that in future.

Gardening Grandma

Evening, Forkers. I seem to be the first. Went to GC for lunch and bought no plants!!!! I'm overwhelmed by plants, I've bought and grown so many. Satisfying that I actually made a go of growing them. The penny has dropped.

Colder here this evening. At least this means less watering!


The potty gardener

Nice to get a look at GC even if you don't buy isn't it GG. The seeds I've grown are still so small, I doubt they will have gr9own enough this summer


You're the first 'proper' one GG- all these naughty people on this morning -tut tut  Lovely when you see the fruits of your labour isn't it? Hope the 'new' garden is coming on too.

Scorchio here  so not long in- been out side all day in my shorts  and I'm a bit like Bev was yesterday  It'll go brown though- I don't really burn. Had a shower and had reheated leftovers for tea while watching the tennis - which has just finished! 

Got lots done despite neighbours stopping to chat - got plants in front border including snowdrops my sister brought 'in the green' and some daffies I lifted a while back. Have marked where they are and top dressed with fine bark. Deadheaded the rhodie which took ages - nice new growth on it which picks up the heucheras. Need a couple of 'spires' for the space between the rhodie and the Fatsia while it grows which I'll think about, and I still have a path to cut out in front of it- 4 or 5 sq metres of grass to lift there .Will take some pix tomorrow.  Cut grass too and rescued a few more bits and pieces which were struggling. Free plants!


Hello folks - home, wined and dined and on the sofa in time for Monty 


OOps , lost track of time...tele calls.



Dove- we're not getting G's World here.....b****y FOOTBALL!!!!! 

Waste of time anyway- Scottish World Cup Qualifier...Hah! they might well stay at home 

Good job G's W repeated on Sunday 

Just read posts on morning Forkers- sorry everyone - saved my sunny fairy dust for me....


Gardening Grandma

You startled me with your word 'scorchio', FG, because that's a parody on Welsh verb construction. Yet you're in Scotland! I sometimes play flippantly with English words and give them that 'io' ending = dancio, singio, etc(io is pronounced Eeyore, for aa true Welsh flavour, btw).

Bev, I was with a slightly irritating and somewhat controlling friend who talked endlessly and made me guide her around the shrubs, with no chance to look at things that interest me. Even forgot to get pots. It was a bit of a duty visit. (What a bitch I am! )

Had a pleasant, idle day after a week of hard work. Feel mildly guilty, however illogical that is, but it was nice. My home-grown plants are mostly too small to plant as yet, though coming on nicely.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Very wet morning in Hampshire, definitely not forecast and nearly an apology from the "weather girl" on local TV..unheard of. Anyway had to desert garden and came in and did 2 loads of washing, changed sheets on bed and other bits and pieces. After lunch , back in garden for back breaking session reclaiming bed lost to weeds and rubbish. Very satisfying, but still lots to do before the "open day' and 8 days left.


GG- scorchio is from The Fast Show- Caroline Aherne (Royle Family) was the weather girl on the fictional 'foreign' news programme. They all spoke a cod language - and it was a hot country - kind of Greece/Spain -so she pointed to the map and said 'Scorchio' all the time!

You are such a bitch.... 

Know exactly what you mean though!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hasn't Carol on BBC Breakfast been using Scorchio for years? Who came first...