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Forum is slow tonight. Wonder if Daniel knows about it.....come in mr Brumbull, your department I think.

Maybe they are releasing the new gremlin free version ??

Ever the wishful thinker

Woodgreen wonderboy

No gardening today, had to work in local community shop where i am a volunteer. Sorting out year end wages, tax etc...nightmare and not finished yet. Home to cook invention test dinner which was worth 6/10, and a portion for tomorrow. Hopefully not many calories as mostly vegetables and a chicken breast ( no skin...shame).

Have just heard the amazing news that the weather may well get much, much better. It will be interesting to hear all your views on how madly the gardens grow when given a few degrees of help. 

Talking of degrees I heard the lovely idea the other day that as you get older you can express your age in centigrade. I am only 19....again. what about you??

Well it is raining like made a minute so not sure it will get much warmer yet


in cenigrade you say well do you double it and add 28



Evening. Chopped all the shrubs in front garden and finished cutting back the Passion Flower in back. Takes just as long to clear up doesn't it.

Fished a dead frog from the pond and then spied another.  Fished that out too only to find it was two frogs having a good time!   Gently put them back again.  That's about it. Good day though,


The sun came out, I've been gardening and the first of the seeds I sowed 3 days ago are up. Some mixed agastaches

All's right with the world


Hmm must have been very upstanding English frogs if you thought they were dead

Apart from harranging the customer service depts of german retailers about watering thier plants not done very much today. Been wet and a tad cold and keep nodding off. yesterday I decided to use plastic mushroom type boxes in my propagator to allow water to soak up the pots and moisten the compost from below. The reward today is germinating chilli plants. The little plastic greenhouse i got with a free gateau turned out to be ideal for under a 10 pack of germinating snap dragons. Some of my verbina now has true leaves. 

I know a lot of people use fine stone chippings for seed pots, would granite chippings be good for this? 


Gardening Grandma

WW, I'm 19,too! That's even better than the 27I usually  admit to.

Lots more potting on done and visited elderly SIL in hospital. She's happy because she's coming out next week, despite all the porkies she told hospital staff to fool them into thinking that she could live on her own. She'll continue to live with her brother and get carers.

I'm disappointed to have discovered that you can't take hellebore cuttings and that dividing them does not work well, either. So its collect seed and plant it.



Blackest-I use lots of the containers we get fruit and meat in as seed trays or propagators. Some of the Easter eggs the girls got had really good high plastic cases as they had mugs as well as eggs in them and they've been put to good use already! 

I grow silver swan Brum
Silver n white n grey,foliage,currently,hosting,pale yellow flowers. Will cut them off soon. Mine is about 3 ' tall
Good drainage but better on better soils. But, easy plant. Easy on the eye and nice addition to the garden
Mine is alongside prunus cistena crimson dwarf.
Oh. Good evening FORKERS. Hope a good day for everybody

Just in - chucking it down here - but hi to everyone.

Brum - I have one of the euphorbia charcais (not silver swan - the wulfenii one).  One thing I have learnt is the spikes are biennial, so the first year I had loads of flowers, the second none, and the third it got into a rhythm of half flowering and being cut down and half the next.  Is it the same for silver swan Verdun?

Evening all

Been doing seed sowing in the house lots of sunflowers and flowers today - as windy outside, grey and wet

Well heres the picture of how the front garden looks bit muddy


Chicky, not too sure about biennial bearing on silver swan. Mainly because I tend not to let flowers develop on variegated or coloured euphorbias. I think they spoil an otherwise attractive plant. I've let it flower this year so will see if it is biennal flowering.
However, it should flower every year if this years growth is untouched



Gardengirl - thats not mud, thats planting opportunities - how exciting



Evening folks - from an absolutely shattered Dove - nearly asleep now already - need matchsticks to keep my eyelids up 

Know what you mean Dovefromabove - me shattered

Chicky - unfortunately main area gets a van parked on sometimes - so thinking of a chamomile lawn - maybe


Me too Dove not sure why I'm so tired tonight. Have to go to bed now. Night all