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morning everyone...damp, misty n cloudy here..................

fairygirl, yes bit like that.  the main metal band is about 12" across with u-shaped "clips" on outside for canes to be pushed through

chicky, is Mori a new poster?  is he good at running committees then?..................................................


I thought that a camel was a horse designed by a committee.

fairygirl..what? why?


No KEF thats a zebra............



GillyL even better


All those that posted this morning, you know who you are, detention tonight. A bit or organisation is needed, you motley crew.

Woodgreen wonderboy

A bit early, but all of you in detention can go now ... and hope that GG appreciates the help .... 


I was trying to organise WW. Always been a bit of a bossy boots.  Old boss once said I would make a good shop steward.  Can't think what he meant.   Detention for me too now.


I have a great big scrummy meringue to eat later (raspberry flavour) as my WW (fat club) treat - does it count as cake? 


No, definitely not Matty. Meringue is just a lot of calorie free fluff and anything eaten after 6 is OK as long as it's gone by 9, to give it time to digest. 

Why do all dieters have a treat after weigh in day? I was very saintly when at SW and never ate anything in 2 years that shouldn't pass my lips.  Really thought I had cracked it.  Stupid woman.

Had a very uneventful day. Never got to GC as by the time the hospital pharmacy had got their brains into gear, there wasn't time for a nice leisurely walk about.  Never mind, now on for Friday.  Just think of all the money I am saving. 

Evening Forkers, can I have some of that meringue does count as cake sounds nice, been doing a bit of seed sowing today as wet out - dry now so new plants I planted yesterday are now watered in and rest of garden so that was nice as legs really sore from walking around garden show looking at all those plants

Woodgreen wonderboy you would of liked all those alpine plants at the show lots of strange and unusual looking ones

Here is a picture of a small bit of the show I really liked


I like those tall brown and white kind of spotty plants Ggirl...

Matty you shouldn't have told us about that meringue.. and it definitely doesn't count. Tina's totally right...

I'm making banana cake later. Don't tell Verd....


actually someone brought me a bag of eccles cakes at the foodbank today and I ate the lot.  I offered it but I think it was when others were out of the room .  anyway its rude to eat in front of others

hope everyone had good day....damp but warm here



I've had lots of cake in the last couple of days. It was left over from my garden party.


Oh I love an eccles cake....not had one in years. My Dad loved them so Mum often bought them

You're very naughty you go....coat's waiting 


Well, BL, you can't waste good food and being as you were doing your bit to solve food wastage, I don't think that will count as fattening.

Verdun, what a little greedy guts.  I would never do anything like that. My Dad used to like eccles cakes. Had to be on the day they were freshly baked though.  The things I used to do for him. Rain, sleet, snow, I would trudge to the bakers.  And my nose grows longer as I speak.

Fairygirl - they are nice did think about one for the garden but not sure where I would of put it though does look good with the grass around it

Well weather turning better now have been watching the birds out the window

The hanging basket I have planted is growing nicely

How's everyones garden looking?


The meringue was lovely - maybe alittle too sweet to have too much of - topped it with acouple of GH strawberries and some thick cream - YUM

We now have bright sun