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Well, blow me down. Sun's just appeared here too.  Bit too late for me. Cheek.

Sometimes things look tastier than they look, I find. Glad you enjoyed your treat Matty. Cheats don't count on weigh in day.


Thank you Tina, I'm very relieved to here that all that cake isn't fattening! Sigh of relief  I may have worked some off in the garden today, though.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and cream for me  


Evening all. Posting in the right place at the right time Tina

I didn't think today would be a good one, as it drizzled early so no point in hoeing. Plus I'd have to stay inside if the sun came out. Feeling fed up we went for a scout around shops selling plants. Got an Eryngium Varifolium for 2 quid, didn't look in peak condition and the chap wouldn't reduce it so not a bargain, but I did want it.

Tesco are now selling their bulbs off at 1/2 price. I only popped in for a bag of watercress and a cucumber.

Got 25 Californian Bluebells, 25 Persian Buttercups, 30 Anemone de Caen and 2 Astrantia Major for 6 pounds. I know they should have been planted in May, but considering the weather conditions I think they'll do ok.

On the way home we took a different route passing a traffic island and I thought I was seeing things. Sign saying free Tulips & Polyanthus. They were re-planting the island with bedding plants and throwing the spring plants into black bags. Not one to miss out on a freebie I had a black bag of each.

The tulips which are still in green are now in buckets with a covering of compost and have had a foliar feed, hopefully they'll be good to save and plant later...all 62 of them.

The Polyanthus were bone dry, but it was easy to pick the few weeds out, they are now on drip trays having a weak liquid feed drink, ready to be planted tomorrow..all 43 of them. 

Slight problem where to put them?  Well I couldn't take them back could I ?

Had a nice salad for tea, with our own rocket, radishes, bits of lettuce and spring onions ( they are really shallots that I pull when immature). All that's missing is a nice piece of cake or an Eccles cake.

hee hee!  I know I am a greedy guts folks but I was hungry.  if I left any then people would notice it so no choice but to eat everything.  It was for the best............................



You too have done your bit for food wastage today Verdun, so you are forgiven.  Always found eccles cakes a bit dry myself but I bet you're now going to tell me that Cornish Eccles are the best, simply the best,

Kev, are you mad? Did you not think of all the work you are now going to have to do.  I will be with you in spirit.

Thinking about it, I realise that is the job I hate most, planting out.  Perhaps it's because I'm getting old in the tooth and bending isn't quite so easy any more. 


KEF- that beats my 20p tomatoes! 10 out of 10 and a gold star 

Cake's in the oven. Had my salad bits at lunch time - at least I got my lunch today! Home grown stuff is so lovely.

Nursery had  so much stuff  I had to be restrained -  was very hard. Got a couple of things for front gate 'bit'. That's still to be cleared of the grass,  then soil and compost added, get them in and top dressed with bark and it'll be nice and tidy. Weather looking better for tomorrow so I'm hoping to get weed n feed on which should get watered in on Thurs /Fri when we get more rain.

Amazing KEF, I wanted plants from the local park but no luck in the council replying email - dam you will have to post some pics of them

Do have to keep restrained about plants at shows and GC if not I would be having no where to put them in the garden do like the plants that self seed around

I did get 3x aquilegia 9cm pots for a pound a plant at end of show

The potty gardener

Evening.KEF I had a problem finding where to put my 12 or so polyanthus by the time I'd divided them. But plants for free can not be left.

I have spent an evening searching the fuchsias on e bay. Was really pleased to find one called Billy P. Now just got to find one for other 3 kids names. I had to be so restrained- so just put loads on watch list.

Consaltant said I should be able to go back to work in a couple of weeks as long as I take it slowly- quite scary the thought of going back as I've been off since Jan.


Bev - I'm sure you'll be fine. I don't know what your job is but can you go back slowly- a few hours a day for a week or two? Do you have good support there? Hard when you've been off that length of time.


Hello folks  I'm home, fed and watered, phone calls taken, hedgehogs fed and plants watered (we've had no rain for ages, but there are some big black clouds out there now).  

Anyway, very nice man with soft S. Wales accent gave my eyes a thorough going over, with those peculiar drops and everything - he says it's Posterior vitreous detachment, which isn't as awful as it sounds.  It's age related  and shouldn't affect my eyesight permanently and there's nothing to be done about it.  He gave me clear descriptions of symptoms I should look out for and steps to take if the retina began to detach, but said that he saw no reason why it should.

When the effects of the eyedrops wore off I went on to work, where everything was kicking off  so worked late this evening.  Got home to find OH had mowed both lawns and Dysoned, dusted and polished indoors 

He's a great fan of the Eccles Cake - think I'd better get him some - he deserves cake  


That's good Dove, missed your post yesterday or could have offered words of reassurance. I've been there.

Frightening, anything to do with sight or the possible loss of it. The vitreous mostly detaches sooner or later but often you don't notice. Glad you're OK


Can I borrow your OH. Mine cooks not cleans, He's the only person I've ever heard of that acn take a whole morning to do the washing up - and we have a dishwasher!

So pleased you are age related - seems to cover so many things now.


Just made one Dove- so here's a piece for you to share 

Glad all went well today- Posterior detachment? Mmmm...I won't make any jokes...



Gardening Grandma

Evenin' forkers. Fat Club this a.m. - lost one and a half of the two and a half pounds I put on last week!! Aim to have lost twelve pounds by the time we go to the Isle of Wight in late August with the family so I won't waddle quite so much when walking alongside my gorgeous, size 10 DIL. Couldn't you just kill her? Or is that just me??? Anyway, went to |M and S this afternoon to buy 2 pairs of trousers in a smaller size - now have about 20 pairs that are too big. What a shame!

Dove, glad your eye condition is likely to right itself to an extent and should not be too serious. You must be relieved, on the whole.

WW, if I understood you correctly while reading fast, the open day is now over. Hope you made lots of money!

Once again, I have missed the cakes!! Is this a conspiracy??






Thanks Nut and everyone - very kind of you all.  I am much relieved.  A friend had detached retinas in both eyes - lots of ops and ongoing scary stuff - never really got properly sorted before the rest of him packed up 

Cake very good too - OH says thanks - he's had it all - just as well or there'll be even more posterior that needs detaching 

Nodding off so I'll say goodnight now - sweet dreams folks 


Oh, by the way, OH washes up too - every night except Saturday!  And he can and does clean the bathroom .... properly, including the loo.  And no, you can't borrow him .... he can't cook tho', although he does construct a mean sandwich