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If I give you all the rest of the cake Dove - can I have him? 

Sorry GG- I'll send you a little bit first 


My OH is pretty good too. He hoovered the bedroom and cleaned the bathroom today. He often washes up, but he's very sploshy!

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

My OH is pretty good too. He hoovered the bedroom and cleaned the bathroom today. He often washes up, but he's very sploshy!

Sploshy BL- I like that 

Off to bed now- night all 

The potty gardener

Pleased to hear it went well Dove.

Anyone want to send anyone round who helps with any type of housework would be great.

I'm off to bed now- night all

good news then Dove...pleased about that



Evening all!! Back after a short shift, bit sad to see it's rained a lot here so no gardening for me, it's too wet.  I have work tomorrow so another early night, here's hoping it brightens up for Friday and Saturday when I'm off   There's been a lot of cake floating around the forum today, I see, so I'm going to make myself scarce as I'm not having any at the moment. You naughty lot.


Evening all.  Thought someone else would be Evening moniter tonight. 

Done nothing, been nowhere, spoke to no-one. Seriously, my choice and I'm perfectly happy.  Done a lot of reseach and paperwork for SIL as he's totally useless as is my daughter.  Keeps me happy.

Hope everyone else has had a good day.


well got nothing done this pm  after my statement on morning forkers . bev the hedge is looking  a bit sorry for its self . maybe tomorrow

evening all

damp all day.  someones pinched my sunshine...think it may have been fairygirl!

however dry now with chinks of blue sky.  garden has grown, plants filling in, with that rain

my anemone wild swan is now flowering too but how different from previous years.  my runner beans are barely 3' tall ..normally they would be 7' and needing pinching out at the tops.  Ive even been picking beans by mid June too.  climate warming!!!

tina, nice to have our own space at times


Evening all, my goodness Tina you must have burnt calories off after that walk. AND yes I'm mad, no idea where to put the Polyanthus, doesn't matter how many times I look, no room.

I've potted on 4 chillies, sewn some more lettuce and radishes, put coriander in garden,planted some lettuce and wandered around looking for space that isn't there. Daren't say I'm tired. Oh, supervised hubby feeding the green stuff, that he hopes will return to a lawn, daren't put feed & weed on or there wouldn't be anything left..that would suit me, more room for flower beds...I might just have had a cunning idea

Have a relaxing evening all.

Woodgreen wonderboy

evening everyone, dry spell this morning gave opportunity to tidy up some bits and pieces, including the patio, garden furniture, vegetable beds, and compost heap. Then rain, so went off to Bournemouth for fish and chips treat and some shopping. Want to plant dahlias tomorrow which is one of the last big jobs. Have been waiting for the daffs to die down, but now is the hour...


WW I can smell the fish & chips Gall bladder would create such a fuss. I've still got to plant the dahlias I was give, thanks for the reminder.


Fish and chips sounds very good WW and always better by the sea! 

KEF I just did my weed n feed this afternoon and there definitely  won't be anything left !

Gilly- apologies for not wishing you Happy Birthday - or Hippo Birdy as we call it - been busy today so not caught up on here properly. Cake looks magnificent 

I notice an absence of candles though....were you worried the Fire Brigade might be too busy to attend....?

Hee hee Verd- yes I stole your sun.... No cake for the naughty fairy..

And Maud- like everyon else-  thinking of you too xx

The potty gardener

Evening all. I've done as much as Tina today, it has been light rain almost all day.


Gilly, haven't seen the cake but read Fairies post...Happy Birthday


Evening all

Been a wet day today but did go to the station and sort out cutting bits of tree and sorting out area for wildflower and then sowing the wildflower near the nice newly painted fence. oh and trying to keep the slugs of my new plants all that rain

Gardening Grandma - Woodgreen wonderboy garden is open on the 16th of June so the weekend coming I am going to visit the garden


WW: Send us chip!


Hello folks - no rain here today and we need it badly - maybe we'll get some this evening - I won't be on here for long this evening - I'm absolutely kn*ckered  - hope you've all had a good day 


Sleep tight Dove.


Nighty night Dovey. Sleep well.  Not surprised you're weary 

Watching the Iain Banks prog (only Scotland I expect). How sad - only 59.

Counting my blessings again.