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Sorry I refuse to put the heating on in June,thermals may need to come out of storage.

I love broad beans,well done Dove on such a good crop,I just steam them with a pinch of salt,they do freeze well,but there is nothing like fresh.Podding beans always takes me back to helping my Gran sitting on her step .


Dove broad beans

Fairy I steam them, haven't grown them, so don't often have fresh, bit pricey. I defrost frozen and steam, love them with gammon, new potatoes, peas, grilled toms and parsley sauce. Crickey just eaten my meal and I'm fancying again

It's bad when people are still having to put heating on, how ever do we make up costs for rotten Winter if still cold in June? I'm lucky our conservatory gets the sun so it's warm in there, but have eaten on a tray again, too chilly inside. Weather been breezy here, cloud, rain, sun..take your pick changes every 20 mins. Not done any gardening but hopefully will get chance tomorrow.

Yesterday I planted as many Polyanthus as I could home, about half, and rest have gone next door, so I can visit if they miss me.

Have a good evening all.

p.s. thanks Verdon for looking at the stags horn thing


I have to admit i`m rather enjoying the wet weather at the moment as i`ve just seeded my lawn and i`m on sand so the more rain the better  


My broad beans are miniscule as yet. I discovered that BB are much, much better fresh and if desperate will take the grey skins off - much nicer. Won't eat shop/frozen ones though.

Had a good time today. managed to walk past plant stalls - well should buy a few in Cornwall. But did buy a planter, large square, heavy, that I have been looking for, for a long time and have the web address of the firm (local) so feel well pleased. :loved the animals as long as there was a fence between me and them - pigs all seemed asleep!


Matty BBs are good really small eaten with pods like mangetout



I meant to remind everyone about Beechgrove which will be on tomorrow 9.30 am I think. There's a new invention to keep slugs and snails away and some good tomato tips. Good prog this week. In Scotland we have a programme called Landward which is on Friday evenings BBC2 - bit like Countryfile. There was a nice piece about bees so may be of interest if anyone wants to take a look on iPlayer.

Highland Jeannie
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Your bit about your lupins reminded me of the Monty Python sketch - a spoof on Robin Hood but he was called Dennis Moore (!) When he stole from the rich, instead of saying 'your money or your life',  he said  'your life or your lupins'. I always think of it whenever I hear lupins mentioned  

My OH often complains that they never repeat that one, I only vaguely remember it.

He thinks it was a highwaymen who stole the lupins then took them to the poor who complained "All he ever bring us is lupins, never anything useful like money, oh no, only lupins; the house is full of them"  Then off he'd gallop to get some more!

If he turned up in our garden just now he provide ample for the poor!!


Meant to thank you a while ago for the info on Beechgrove..... Fairygirl,if anyone has invented something to keep away slugs they will be a millionaire


Jeannie-  your OH is right! Brilliant - so silly! The song was daft too 

Gilly - it's a kind of metal two part surround  which you make into a raised bed type of thing. The success rate is apparently very good. I think the organic commercial growers will be interested because it means a huge saving on the amounts they lose each year. Don't know if it's been marketed to the public yet -expect it will be expensive though!!


 Fairygirl......Maybe if we see it,we will be able to adapt a similar idea for our gardens,if nothing else we gardeners are resourceful lot and hate spending money if we can make it ourselves.


Was thinking that too Gilly- but may not be as easy when you  see it! It has lots of ridges on it - the idea being that the slugs give up trying to cross it and drop off. They 're on the underside of the 'shelf/edging' so that you don't see them. I expect some handy enterprising  person will have a go though!


Or the slugs will learn to absail !


The broad beans were fabulous - small, a bit smaller than my thumb nail, and so tender - not a thought of removing their little jackets.  I podded them and popped them straight into boiling water for just a couple of minutes - we ate them with good gammon steaks, creamy fresh parsley sauce and English new potatoes with mint from the garden - there is nothing better.

Those people who don't like broad beans can never have eaten them freshly picked and cooked like that.  Bought broad beans are dry and floury - a different animal all together 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I pick mine young and eat them straight away just like sweets. Delicicicicicious.


Dove I expect it's a legacy from childhood- my Mum cooked all veg for a good half hour as they often did in those days! It's the texture of beans I'm not keen on I think - you're right - dry and floury. I remember them as 'grainy' as well.

Perhaps I should try growing some 



Our broad beans tonight were the texture of petit pois -  the big ones that have been left to grow too big, or have been picked and left for too long grow those hard grey jackets and get floury inside.  Nothing like the ones we ate this evening.


Well cooked, that was veg until fairly recently. I was a district nurse and I'd often arrive at a house by 9am and the veg would be on for lunch


I take it you've all had your sprouts simmering for a couple of months now, or they won't be ready for Christmas 

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

I take it you've all had your sprouts simmering for a couple of months now, or they won't be ready for Christmas 

Dove- that was my Mum to a tee 

Happy days.

Nut- it's enough to put you off veg for life! Funny how we cook them in a completely different way from previous generations. My parents liked 'em nice and soft 

Evening all,  beans still growing here, been very windy today plants blowing all over the place. re planted a poppy as fallen down by the wind

Look forward to visiting woodgreen wonderboy's garden and a lot more tomorrow want the weather to improve - fairygirl need your magic wand or Verdun send some sun this way if you have any