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Woodgreen wonderboy

Well it's all over, a steady stream of visitors and 2 VIPs, Garden Girl and Chicky. Weather gradually got better during the day and ended up a very pleasant evening when cake was consumed. Visitors seemed to enjoy themselves and particularly liked the wild garden, which is a swathe of daisies and some orchids. Not sure how many people in total but lovely to talk to 2 "forkers" in person. GG and I swapped plants. First lady into the garden announced she had travelled from Essex!!

Evening event now for all the "gardeners" to relax,swap war stories and imbibe something serious.


Congrats' Woody, so well done, put your feet up and relax. Photos can wait until tomorrow

Evening All,  WW what a amazing garden you have a great range of plants so many I really like some I don't know the names of, I do like that wheelbarrow planted up with pansies, thanks for the plant swap - will look forward to finding a place to plant it out.

What a nice village and so many great gardens open - all the gardens with lawn so springy, brilliant day out lots of inspiration for me to have a go at creating in the garden - not got round to going to all of them but did manage 9 out of 15 lots of lovely plants and so had to come home with me - some did jump into the boot of the car.

did not know Chicky was going, oh well might have seen you without knowing that was you

I got to enjoy some of that lovely cake yum yum.

great to see your garden WW and to meet you will post some pics of bits another day, knackered from all that walking around need to rest


What a lovely day you've had   It's really good to meet up and see someone's garden and sit and chat about 'stuff' isn't it 

I've been doing something very worthwhile - turning out the cookery and gardening bookshelves, recycling all the old magazines that I don't need any more, organising printed out recipes etc, and having a general tidy - plus slow-roasting half a shoulder of English lamb, which we had with minted new English potatoes and braised lettuce and onions with a little creme fraiche and now we're on the sofa finishing off a bottle of vino and our feet are up for the evening.


Sounds fantastic woody.

Evening everyone

All this talk of food....and cake.....what can I say?

Well. It IS sunny here but only been like that for few hours.  Forecast is very good so yes I will send the sunshine to you all

Talking of Monty Python....used to love it.   It was the great talking point when I was at college.  Just so silly, wasn't it?  But that's what made it so great.


Dove - sounds lovely - you've earned your rest! Daughter has cooked canneloni for dinner and helped me outside with posts for fence. About to eat it now. The canneloni that is...not the fence.

Woody - I'll echo everyone else here and say well done. What a huge amount of work but it sounds like you really enjoyed it too.Sometimes these things are too stressful to enjoy so it's great that you did. lovely to meet some of the 'girls' from here too.

Looking forward to the pix.


This parrot's not dead it's pining for the Fjords.


Well I have to say the canneloni was very good - much better than the fence would have been 

That would have tasted like Tina's breakfast weetabix 

I wondered what you were on about KEF because Verd's post wasn't there when I did last one...thought you'd lost the plot...

I was still at school Verd when MP started and it was always the talking point there too.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition...


Thanks Matty - that brought back memories! 

The song got dafter and dafter till they just went dum dum dum eventually at the end. 


No. 1 - The Larch....

so many poppies in all the gardens, looked beautiful.  need to sow more seeds in the garden (not now though)

night all

Woodgreen wonderboy

FG, the best bit of the day was meeting Gardengirl and Chicky personally and talking about everyday garden stuff. They represented the rest of the " forkers" who for whatever reason were unable to be here, and made such a difference to my day. Thank you to everyone for making this the most  special gardening day of all.

Nice stuff woody......I think we are all feeling chuffed for you


Highland Jeannie

Yes, a well done from me, too Woody, & how great to meet folk from here.

If you were closer we'd have been there, we love garden visiting.


Evening everyone,

After a rainy morning,the sun came out and we have had a beautiful warm afternoon.

Planted out the rest of the begonnias I got a couple of weeks ago in B&Q casaulty area,only lost two from the tray of 36,as usual all they needed was a bit of TLC.I hate seeing all the plants that are allowed to die in B & Q,I suppose it is,nt worth their while to spend any time on them apart from an occasional water.I can,t resist a challenge and like to pick things up for a few pence and see if I can bring them back from the deadusually turns out ok.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks again, but there is now an embargo on any more thanking of those thanking those who thanked in the first place. Cake will be confiscated.



Thats a bit harsh Woody,cake confiscation

The potty gardener

Gilly I'm just like you in B&Q- they leave plants to dry out then sell them cheap- looking carefully you can usually see how many you might loose.This last weekend they were just binning so much that they had thought were beyond selling. Think I may write and suggest they give those to local schools for the childrens gardens.

Started grey here but turned out really hot. Another lot of watering to be done. I have spent ages today just deadheading and nipping tenderils from sweet peas. So many big fat buds on the plants that have not already flowered.

Got to go to see head tomorrow about going back so feeling dreadful about that meeting already

I want to get the Scabious I got cheap the other day potted up... but it means my son has to bring the pot, which already has compost in up a flight of stairs- too heavy for me. Wonder how soon I will manage to get that done

Have a lovely evening all