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Ok we'll shut up now....please don't take away our cake....what will we have left to live for?

Not long in - been doing more posts etc with daughter. B's merchant hasn't phoned back so I'm a bit annoyed  with them. Could have got planks on tomorrow on the posts we did today and yesterday but they sent  wrong size - too short - and I don't want to wait ages for them now. 

Dinner soon. Feeling hungry - having to make it tonight - daughter on strike after doing it yesterday!

Matty hope you're ok. Always viruses and things going round too. Felt a little bit off myself  at work today but fine now. Get your feet up 


Have feet up have sore throat, But feel better after doing nothing for half the afternoon. Thanks. I am sure it will pass.


Hello folks - rotten day at work, then came home to see buds on my Graham Thomas honeysuckle   I only planted it last year and it hasn't flowered yet 



Good idea Bev with the B & Q plants.Hope your meeting goes ok tomorrow.

Fairygirl.sorry you have,nt felt so good today,glad you are feeling better now.You must be so fed up with your fence problems,hopefully it will get sorted out tomorrow,maybe you will be able to negotiate a discount.




Woody can I just say,thanks for your saying thanks to us for saying  Ok ending now!

Good evening FORKERS ....sorry to all those who are not too good, fed up or have problems.. Tomorrow is another day and it will be good then.

Someone gave me a pack of mini doughnuts today....18 in all.  Had one before I got to my car, another as I settled into it,and another,as I drove off.  Before you could say "greedy pig" I had eaten the lot.  That's the kinda guy I am.....alas!

Tried to get a plant from my local GC via their "click and collect" service but it couldnt provide.  This is the third time without success so I bought online again.  I complained and the manager said they would improve the service.  Frustrating.  Good to have a grumble eh?

Busy day but no gardening.  Cloudy, warm, humid but very little sun.  Ah well!

Have nice evening folks



!8 mini doughnuts in one go  is that a record?


Verdun, there isn't a little piggy smiley, but you deserve one. You greedy chap. But you can always work it off tomoz Luckily no one gives me anything I like to eat. Good job salted peanuts don't grow in a GH in S.Yorks.

What's up with us all ? Soon as weather bucks up we are stricken. Must be gardening in wet shoes. Done my anti-biotics, so can now go in sun, if we had some

Tiny can't have been nice, hope you've had a rest and some good food, not cake!

To everyone else whose feeling off it, hope you're much better tomorrow.

Done some hoeing, bit of weeding but still not got Dahlias in, cooked meal and nearly choked us. Chicken kebabs on griddle & our salad. Last bit of spices in packet to use as marinade...yeah..all the hot stuff was at the bottom of the pack, should have had an idea when my eyes watered during cooking them.

Did sort the sewing out and friend happy so at least one good result today.

Enjoy your night everyone.


KEF sorry but I chucled when I read that bit about the spices. I'm always overloading on the heat when I do chilli-the girls are frightened to eat it!'ll need a bigger coat now....

Gilly- it's frustrating,but had so many nice comments about the fence from passers by so that always helps. Would like to get all the posts in and planks on for end of next week when schools stop. Then they can all b****r off into their own gardens instead of swanning through mine! 

Dove - you've had a lot of rubbish days at work recently. Roll on your retiral my love!

Verdun - I'm off to have a cup of tea and a big (Scottish)crumpet...

Just the one though...I'm not a greedy piggy.... Oink oink...

Verdun isn't the only piggy today. I have just finished dinner, steak pie brought back from a farm in Kernow on Saturday, plus calabrese, Lady Christl potatoes, and carrots - all from garden or allotment this afternoon - I feel well and truly stuffed. Methinks a few hours at the allotment tomorrow needed to work it all off! 


I though we were supposed to eat less in the summer? But it's not here yet is it?

Fairly I wish I could stand guard for you..little so and so's. But you won't have the problem for long. What about a sign please keep off the grass hornet's nesting in it.

Pentille, at least you had a sensible meal, Veron will need to take new trousers back and exchange for elastic waisted ones


KEF- he'll start looking like Simon Cowell if he's not careful 

Nice high waistband is what he needs ..

Pentillie- nice dinner!

Bev- hope it goes well for you tomorrow. I can understand why you must feel a bit anxious about it. Treat yourself afterwards 

Fairygirl wrote (see)

KEF- he'll start looking like Simon Cowell if he's not careful 

Nice high waistband is what he needs ..

Pentillie- nice dinner!

Bev- hope it goes well for you tomorrow. I can understand why you must feel a bit anxious about it. Treat yourself afterwards 

Dunno what's happening but if it's work returning related . They will have missed you more than you've missed them  

Reading back Matty has lurge as well, get well soon.

I'm off now in case it's catching.

The potty gardener

KEF yes it's about getting back to work,,,in last meeting she was really nasty- told me that me being off had given my department really bad moral ... that she didn't think I would really ever be fit to return etc etc  Still I shall go in with a big smile on my face - say my sick note( now called fit to work forms) ends on 26th June and that I will be ready to return then. I shall smile and be positive about everything,,, but she is horrid.

I will ask Billy to go out with me afterwards- have something as a treat as you suggested fairygirl- or I could just get an 18 pack of mini doughnuts Verdun.

Tina not about tonight.....perhaps she is too weak after not eating yesterday

Matty hope you feel better tomorrow.


Bev, don't you have the option of a return to work "under certain criteria" note? If your being off caused bad morale, shows how much they missed your input. Since when was she whoever she is a G.P ?..tell her you're keen to return as you've missed her. Don't know what you do, private info..but you are entitled to have a union rep' or someone that employer agrees to, with you.  I know you'll be worried, but she'll be worse, she's got to be careful what she says, sit with pen and pad on your knee as though you're going to write down what she says..It'll worry / puzzle her. I know it will be horrid but would you rather be you or that monster of a female?

It will be ok, be strong and eat cake afterwards.


Bev you'd better get some doughnuts quick - that greedy Verd will have bought them all up 

Frankly I'd buy 18 normal sized ones...

She sounds pretty vile Bev. Maybe the bad morale is because of her. Go in with a smile and use that trick about imagining people naked if they're intimidating !  


Evening all,

Today I have planted out a few sweetpeas dwarf ones 

will upload more pics later here's a nice one of Woodgreen wonderboys wheelbarrow planter

and then one pic from another garden - at Avon View house - I think there was a bit of a  theme running through the village.   

One more, not planted up this time - at Le pre house.

Great way of using old barrows.


I tried that trick once - and only once ..... Not nice ......


Lovely pics garden girl - sorry I missed you yesterday - I loved the wheelbarrows too!

What time did you see WW garden, we were there at 12ish


I was there about 1ish- then visited the other gardens til about 3.30 - I bet we passed each other.  What fabulous gardens though, and a lovely spot.  So many beautiful flowers