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Woodgreen wonderboy

Local gnomes go around Woodgreen at night planting up your wheelbarrows so that you can't use them again! 

hello all newbie here. not sure if this is the right place to post this .i have been growing veg for last 4 years, got the bug from my late dad who always had an allotment. i just grow in my garden i have a greenhouse and grow lots in pots outside in garden . i had a large raised bed in front garden which was originally full of flowers but last year i took them out and divided it up into 8 sections each bout 18 inches by 2 foot and have lots of veg growing there.looking forward to getting to know people

We did see the gnomes in one of the gardens.  Le Pre - with all the donkeys.

 Good one, WW.  Does mean you have to get another wheelbarrow though.


WW- you sure you haven't been on the Rioja again? 

Hope everyone that's been unwell has a better day tomorrow.

Off to bed now. Night all 

The potty gardener

Welcome Chrissy59. Don't worry about it being the right place, you will soon find your way round the forum. We all post in the wrong place at times- and some of us who love to chat about just about anything- but especially cake sometimes put something silly on what was a more serious thread... then get told off for doing it .

Some people use the forum just for garden related bits.... then some of us use it as a virtual playground to chat and laugh (and support greatly) our virtual friends.

So just use it as you want to, everyone is great and its a very friendly place.Also there are lots of people with so much knowledge to help.



Just popped in = pleased I did - liked the wheelbarrow pics - made me wonder what my bright pik one would look like -

No worse than earlier but do need to see doc about on-going problem which seems to be getting worse (Old age again I bet). rang up for non-urgent appointment, they hadn't got any, felt a bit confused by that

See you all tomorrow 

Hello Chrissy59, welcome.  I like sewing and sowing too.

Hello chrissie and welcome.   Sorry about all the talk about food but unlike me they are a greedy  

I grow pretty well most things and veg is very important to me.  Sounds like you have your veg growing sorted.  Nothing like eating your own produce

Woodgreen wonderboy

GG i do have another old broken down barrow but it is plastic. If I drill holes in it I am sure they will be back!


Evening everyone,

Hope everyone is having the same good weather this evening,beautiful sunshine and very warm.

Breaking out the Pimms,to celebrate a bit of summer.

I'm first this evening.  I'm so overwhelmed.  I've won!  This can't be happening.

Er.......what can I say now?.......

Evening everyone.  Hope you all had a good day.  Weather here has been bit sticky, humid, cloudy and misty with just an occasional glimpse of the sun

Will post this before someone else beats me to first,place

How cruel life distracted as I posted and lost my first place.  Congratulations Gilly and I mean that most sincerely!!!


Veron, we're all eating doughnuts and don't want sticky fingers on keyboards / phones etc.


Thank you Verd,so gracious in defeat


Gilly & Verdun



Verdun, you can say 'I'm second this evening'. Gilly beat you to it.  All that sugar has gone to your head.

Been humid here too but now the sun is shinning. Great, but would have been better earlier.

Painted a wall and a half today. No need to rush. Gets a bit tiring up and down the ladders.

Wonder how Bev got on.  Do hope she wasn't 'got at'. 

The potty gardener

Evening all. It is lovely here- has been sticky most of the day.

Well meeting with head over, she so doesn't want me back, but I told her I would be returning next Wednesday. She suggested a compromise something- so basically they pay me off with a good reference. I can't help but feel that with 30 years experience I cost a lot more than a young teacher would. Still I left with a big smile and said I would see her next week. She did really make me feel  grotty though


I've also been wondering about Bev. Are you painting inside or outside Tina ?


Well done Bev,that can,t have been easy.


Good on you Bev, don't be driven out, different if you want to go, but that would have to be on your terms.. Nasty witch woman