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Verdun you are so right about having the time to listen and how much that helps. When i was ill myself people assumed that because I was in the trade I would know everything i needed to know. What I really needed was someone to listen.


 punkdoc - physician heal thyself? Not that simple though is it.

 I hope you found that 'someone' 

Night everyone. Sleep well.


Evening all. Have I beaten you Verd? 

Been busy outside sorting out and planting a bit at front gate.... and painting fence planks 

Good warm day but not too hot for digging etc. A little geranium that had seeded into a pot from somewhere has just opened and is quite nice. Almost white but with a faint pink hue so I think I'll put it in front border as it will pick up on the colours which are already there. May put a pic on one of the 'pic' threads. Always good to have a freebie 


Warm and overcast here - feels like thunder is on its way.  Youngest is off on a school trip tomorrow morning - sleeping in tents - pity the poor teachers  - wet, soggy (and no doubt giggly) teenagers.  Nuff said !

Just had the first four strawberries from my plants (one each, not being piggy) - tasted fantastic .  And plenty more to come ....


The potty gardener

Evening all.

It was really lovely meeting Lizzie. Then home and lay in sun before pottering in the garden.It has been really hot here.

Someone came and got the last kittens which was sad.

Will have to go out and water everything later on. 


Evening all, hope all are happy. Not typing much as had nearly 3 hrs in SM with Mum who hasn't been well enough since early Feb to go shopping. Came home lovely weather and sorry to say participated in some "fizzy" beverage. Had poor offering of a tea ( pizza and salad ) and now going to sit in sun, OH has watered veg etc.

Cross with myself because lots to do and weather forecast for tomoz is rain. Some times I feel the need to chill and today was certainly one of them.


Hi chick - my youngest has one next week. They have a day at the end of term when they get a choice of things they can go to for the day. She's going to the Titanic exhibition in Belfast. Wouldn't have thought she'd go to that- every day another surprise! 

Hope you've got plenty of strawbs in time for Wimbers next week - and plenty of cream too....


Evening everyone,

Deliberately posted later this evening to give Verd a chance of being first,after yesterday,but amazed to find Verd not about,he,s missed his chance,could it be another doughnut binge has delayed hm,?

You have had a busy day again Fairygirl,are your fence problems now sorted?

Chicky.your strawberries are much earlier than mine, which have only just finished flowering,can,t wait to pick some,first strawberries always seem like summer has arrived.

Chill out days are important KEF,recharges the batteries


Gilly - my strawberries are in the GH - to keep them away from the deer.  They go outside for the winter and come back in the spring.

FG - know what you mean about surprises.  Like when my quiet, reserved one came home announcing she was going to do drama for GCSE.  Nearly fell off the chair !  But very pleased all the same.


Evening. Every day's a chill out day for me  One of the perks of not working.

Don't need to go to Belfast to see an old wreck FG as I see one every time I look in the mirror.

Done very little today apart from a bit of washing. Energy in short supply today, I think because it was so humid.  Not very pleasant really.





Last post as retiring, still not finised my book. OH engrossed in footie.

Tina "old wreck" that will be me in morning, now drinking lots of water and won't look in magnifying mirror tomoz.

Hope all enjoy concerts etc. Night nite.


Temp of no lower than 16 degrees forecast here tonight,can,t sleep when its so muggy,up at 5,o,clock this morning as it was so stuffy,even with the windows open.

Evening folks.  Hey guys, it's ok to chill out sometimes

Woody, love the house. I would love the space you big is your garden?  Seems a lovely village too.  

Still blue sky and sun ....been glorious today.  Had good lunch and associations today.   

Sorry some of you are ...seemingly...a little low.  Lost a good friend early this morning...a lot older than me but known him long time.  He had a fall 18 monts ago and became paralysed.  Couldn't move, speak do anything and it was so sad to see.  The moral is simple folks.....make the most of each day.  Be happy everyone



You're so right Verdun. Appreciate the moment 


Soory to hear of your loss Verdun,

Sending everyone "happy thoughts"


Verd- you're right. So sorry about your friend. Gets all our little moans and groans into perspective doesn't it?

Tina- that's why I'm glad my eyesight's going 

chicky - snap- my youngest did that too! She quite enjoyed it - only did the practical bit of the course (it's all so complicated what bits they can do or not ) and I think it helped boost her confidence a lot.

Gilly I avoided the fence today, apart from painting some planks, and sorted a bit at front gate. Planted a couple of evergreens-a juniper and a chryptomeria- still need another plant for it, possibly a berberis- nice and jaggy!! Will have to work myself up to relocating the b****y posts tomorrow 


Well, evening all.  FG sorry to hear about your fence woes.  And Bev, well done for going to meeting, don't let that woman bully you.  Are you in a union?  If not then join one, for goodness' sake.  And if you are, you should get a rep involved.  This Head should not be allowed to behave this way.  More importantly, you should not let her make you feel grotty.  A bully can only bully you if you let them, DON'T LET HER.

The potty gardener

Verd like everyone I'M sorry about your friend.You are right we must all enjoy the moment.