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Wise words Verdun.  So sorry to hear.


Hope you had a lovely day today Bev. Did you and BL eat lots of cake? 

The potty gardener

No Fairygirl we just had a coffee . It was really lovely to meet up though


Hello, I just put my post on the morning thread. It was lovely to meet Bev and no, Fairygirl, no cake. We needed our mouths free to talk!


Gardening Grandma

Evening forkers. Starting this thread early in order to greet everyone from sunny Hertfordshire (I wish) while I have internet access. How lovely that Bev and BL met up! I'm staying on a farm with fabulous views and its own coffee shop, but must admit I'm rather missing my garden and hoping my seedlings are not drowning in their trays outdoors in heavy rain. Spending time with the grandkids is great, though.  

I came away resolved to be good, but have had cake every single day so far. We have been conducting a tour of inspection of the village tea shops and can report that all proprietors so far make good cakes. No doubt the research will continue until we return home and I crawl into Fat Club to face the music. 

Happy gardening, everyone!



Evening all,

Won,t put you in detention GG for being early as you have a good excuse!

Like the idea of conducting a tour of village tea shops,hope you are trying out a different cake each day,all in the name of research of course

Plenty of rain here today,no need to water

You been eating cake gardening grandma....?

Evening everyone.

Nice morning weather wise then some rain and now it's cleared up again.

Had to make a journey today and passed a little nursery I know.  It was rude not to stop and say hello.  The owner said its been a struggle this's a shame as she has so much more than the GC and at a fraction of the price.  Got some double orange echinaceas ....knew exactly where they would go....and some tender osteospermums.  Took ages as she wouldn't stop talking.......well, 2 enthusiastic plantspeople!!!


Know what you mean about small nurseries Verdun,our nearest one used to be independant and was taken over by Wyevale group,such a shame,so we now travel a bit further to a family owned business.


Hello folks  Veg patch needs hoeing, lawns need mowing, not here tomorrow, weekend forecast is rain, rain and more rain ............  I thought Verdun said yesterday that he was going to do the lawns   He missed mine out 


Is anyone else getting the pop up forThe Wanted Life(at the top of the page)repeatedly opening and blaring out music?I keep closing it and it immediately reopens,the only way to stop it seems to be to go right out of the site and back in again.

Aw shucks dove!  I did your neighbours by mistake.  Me and that blooming sat nav


And you clipped his round shrub and did his edges didn't you   Did you notice all those bees buzzing around his soffits?  His daughter's been throwing cups of water at them? 

I think his roof has probably got a huge bees' nest up there as they're coming out of two diagonally opposite corners - at least my runner beans should be well pollinated this year 


Showing off tonight, actually put a shift in today.

Planted 50 leeks, not hard I know, but took 15mins to find dibber. Put Coriander into garden. Put 15 freebie Dahlias in pots ( thanks Verdon for idea) . re-potted all herbs or top dressed. Tied up toms. Admired mini cumbers & two courgettes in evidence. Pineapple broom ( soz forgotten correct name) has opened first flowers. Potted on Aubrettia and Gypsofil .??.things, can't spell it, or what remained after I stood on them and tipped them over last week. 

 Put more outdoor toms in garden, weeded veg bed, found 2 peas washed loads of used plant pots and swept patio. Cooked pasta meal, climbed Everest and cleaned entire house. Lied about last 2 obviously.

 Drizzle this morning whilst doing leeks, was in hurry as heavy rain due. Sun came out as I'd finished and finally drizzled at 5pm for 5 mins, garden so needs proper rain, as we all know the hose just doesn't seem to do the same.

Enjoy your evening everyone...still not finished my book, another attempt later.


Evening.  Had a pleasant day today. Nothing strenuous.  Got my bits and bobs from B&Q and a few little plants. Some looked so sorry for themselves, all for the sake of a bit of water.  Been very humid and, blow me down, the sun's just come out.

Hope the forecast about the rain is wrong as I need to treat my grass, or should I say weeds.

No Gilly, not getting anything.  Is it something to do with your browser?  I know nothing about all that but I've heard the techi posters mention it. 



I've found another bumble bee nest. They have taken over the nest box that the blue tits had last year.


Kef, are you on something?

Woodgreen wonderboy

All 15 gardens now showing on


Seems to have stopped now TT,no idea what cused it,.

KEF quiet day then

Plenty of very large Bumble Bees around this year.


Tina & Gilly..penance for imbibing fizzy stuff yesterday instead of doing a bit..

It prays on my mind when things need to go in garden etc..I feel cruel not caring for them. Sado or what ??  Best not answer that one....Fruit cake comes to mind, or was it Cadbury's fruit & nut chocolate ?