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Woodgreen wonderboy

Someone went to Glyndebourne, was it bizliz from memory? Report please!!!

Yes dove stung and can't sit down now.  

KEF what a busy so and so you are.  Can't you spell Gypp, gipsofi, gipsy folia..?

Cadburys fruit and nut?  Love that chocolate.  I'm tempted to run down now to get some


Oh don't -fruit and nut mmmmm. Wonderful when you're up mountains - that was always my excuse anyway. You need a good couple of hills to wor kit off though

KEF- what did you do in the afternoon?


Vernun you're "a nutcase" Cadbury's.of course..

Fairy, that's when I climbed Everest..did I mention after cleaning all the house I'd de-scaled the outside of Vesuvius ? It was looking a bit unkept 


Oooh, fruit & nut chocolate - you've made me go all hungry - I've had to go and get the lime and coconut icecream out of the garage fridge - it's kept in there for it's own safety 



Did you polish your silver and clean the chimneys? Can't call it a full house cleaning if you missed those KEF 

Verd- 'everyone's a fruit and nut case....'

I did more fence today but the drill needed charging so had to stop...

Painted some more..and started relocating the posts...

The potty gardener

KEF pleasedo not joke about doing housework, it is not a subject to be laughed at.

I went to garden society meeting this eveningbut well apart from two or three people they are all 75+ and me being only 27

The sun is supposed to shine tomorrow- hope it does

I have got in dreadful habit of watching Big Brother


I think you've all been supping too much


Shame on you Bev  

I'm watching Russell Howard 


Fairy, those have my sympathy. Sold the silver years ago and shoved a passing child up the chimney.

Dove, Lime & that does sound fact any ice cream sounds nice, keep the cake, feed me icecream or Maltesers anyday.

Stop it, KEF you've had your more food until tomoz...I can dream of a huge dish ( bucket) of icecream, pref' chocolate, chilli and toffee with maltesers on it with flakes and.......  any ideas Verdun? and not doughnuts..!!

Oh, forgot needs nuts on the top.

I'm going now as I've upset myself. Wouldn't be surprised if in the morning I find I've eaten the cover off my book.


Bev, Big Brother. Never. What do you think of Rylan's teeth?  Think he must have done a swap with Shergar.

I think Kef spent too much time in the sun today.


I say,  Tina I've not gone yet...


Gilly just saw your earlier post re the ads. You can install an adblocker. I did that but I've forgotten how I did it 

I keep the sound off anyway- drives me nuts!


Gilly you probably don't get that awful music ad anymore because it's come to me instead!

WW, Glyndebourne was great. Lovely day, beautiful garden full of poppies, people picnicking on lawns in evening dress. We drank Pimms and wandered about. Opera was Mariage of Figaro. It was a comedy all about sex, with lovely music, Mozart.  We ate in one of the restaurants in the interval.

Went to Hever Castle today. Wisley tomorrow. RHS card and GW 2 for 1 entry are coming in handy!

Evening Forkers, is it me first tonight been covering up potatoes in there bags today


Woodgreen wonderboy

Was that in your garden GG or is it by the railway line so I can pinch some next time I travel your way?


Congratulations on being 1st GG,second place for me.

I am sure we will get a thunderstorm tonight,it has been so humid all day,and now big grey clouds.

Have visitors tomorrow,so have had to do some of the dreaded HW today.

Did find a bit of time to go outside,nothing strenuous,more genteel spot of dead heading and putting mulch around newly planted pots.

OH is on a mission to keep the plants snail free and has been out on patro l1st thing every morning and last thing at night,he is putting them in a large pot containing salt and says he will eventually crush them up and put round the hostas in revenge


Oh no WW third place for me.


Evening Gardengirl.  Thought I would post so you won't be lonely.

I didn't get too much painting done today as I had to keep kneeling and in the end my legs started protesting.  Happy with what I did though.  Came in for a rest and thought I would leave the rest of the plants which need to go in wall 'urns' until Sunday. That was until something happened which made me lose my temper, (not often that happens), and I have now have 3 urns planted up.

BL, it sounds like you will be going home for a rest! You've certainly packed a lot in on your holiday and hasn't the weather been good.

I wish I had a chef, or a lackey at least. Oprah Winfrey has one but then she's loaded.

Thought I was going to be 2nd but beaten into 4th.


Well done on the painting Tina,no point doing too much at once,the walls not going anywhere.

Sorry can,t help with servants on domestic front,will send you a virtual pair of helping hands.