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Soz I know it's not evening yet.

GG I've got some inherited Lysimacia, it does spread, but can be dug out. It is handy where it is, provides summer colour and grows in quite an inhospitable place.


Evening everyone,

Matty would like to suggest Headland Gardens near Fowey for your book.This is a cliff top garden open under the national garden scheme in support of RNLI.From what I remember is has limited opening days,but is well worth a visit.

Has suddenly got very windy and have had to go out and rescue hanging basket by front door and put in the garage,but at least it has been dry this afternoon after such heavy storms this morning,no need to water again.

Mum has just contacted to tell me she will be bringing new potatoes and broad beans tomorrow. I Love this time of year when you start to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Evening.  I'm stalking you Gilly.

Had a really pleasant day with my friend but no sitting in the garden as it was wet, cold and windy.  Still very windy and I have put the heating on. I just can't be cold and can't type with gloves on. According to my weather forecast at the top of the page, it's going to be colder and wet tomorrow. 

I think I'll stay in bed.


Hate to say it but it cleared up here and I've been outside all afternoon apart from coming in for  a tea break! Not overly sunny - but ideal for digging out a large lump of concrete with a post in it and relocating it... 

Think we might not be so lucky tomorrow though.

Glad you had a nice day Tina even if it was more like November than June 

New potatoes Gilly -yummy 

The potty gardener

Tina like everyone I'm pleased you had a good day.

Fairy you have been busy- you don't want heat when digging like you have been.

Son didn't come over. Now he says it will be in a couple of weeks time.

I've not even been out today, hope the lily beetles have stayed away



Managed to get rid of lots of big snails today too. Maybe I could sell them to a French restaurant...anyone have Raymond Blanc's number?

Bev it's so annoying when you want a bit of help and it doesn't happen.


Tina,sorry you have been feeling so cold ,hopefully it will be warmer next week,the forecast looks more promising from Monday

Fairygirl,more digging,your poor back.

Our Hummingbird Moths are back,two at once,and baby Blackbirds in garden this afternoon.








Gilly are the hummingbird ones the great big ones?

That midsummer prog last night had lots of moth stuff on it too. Was actually 3 programmes spread through the evening but missed the last one- fell asleep 

Lovely bit about red squirrels too. I'd recommend it to everyone if it's on iPlayer.

I'm seeing these posts in my dreams now. Every time I click on 'latest posts'  here I keep expecting to see a picture of them...


It was a shame the weather was poor because it's such a pretty garden and very secluded.  Just a lovely place to sit on a sunny day.  She seems to pick up such unusual things on her travels that I never see.  Perhaps next time.

Glad that you had a good day FG. Can you see light at the end of the tunnel?  I'd come and help if you weren't so far away.  Are you mixing cement or using the stuff  you pour into the hole and then add water?  Next door used that.  Hope you get lots of horrid, sharp, prickly plants for the border that will hurt those horrid kids.  (I'm not nice).

Don't usually see many birds here, probably because of the b... cat, but have noticed a couple of blackbirds.  Aren't they friendly.  Was standing right next one yesterday and it just hopped alone without a care in the world.  Oh, yes, found the cat's loo yesterday. Well one of them.  Cleared and teabags soaked in Jeyes Fluid applied. 

Bev, was son supposed to help? I must have missed it. If so, I know exactly how you feel.  Have given up on my daughter, will do the same for son if he doesn't get his act together at the end of the week and as for the other son, he lives on another planet. I blame it on all the tattoos.

Now my lovely grandson, when I suggested he took me to B&Q today to change the trellis, 'not a problem Grandma. Will be round when car fixed'.  Forgot I was going out so texted and said I would go another day.  'Anytime Grandma'.  Brought a tear to my eye. 


I can see light Tina- but it could  be a near-death experience I'm having instead 

Mixing the concrete myself. The ready mix stuff is fine for the odd thing but I'd need two for every hole which would be a tad expensive.

I love blackbirds but not got any here. Hopefully they will come in once the garden becomes less  car park and more The sparrows are enjoying the feeder and the makeshift birdbath/minipond my daughter did for them. The robins have been in again too so it's getting better- less sterile.

Very hard to get that kind of stuff when you don't have transport Tina. Glad grandson is accommodating 


He's just passed his test, FG, so is very accomodating and I'm very brave. Got to have confidence in him though.  He's already managed to scratch driver's door and wallop his wing mirror off!!  Misjudged a pillar in a carpark. Told him never to park by a pillar.  At least 3 car spaces are required.

Can't use my birdbath as the cat jumps up for them, even when it's in the middle of a flower bed. How long do cats live?


gilly, good to hear you hummingbird hawkmoths are back. perhaps mine are on the way


Thanks Gilly, have noted it down 

TT sound as if you have hadagood day. hang in ther FG must be nearly finished


Evening all. Did I beat Verd? He won't be pleased 

Cleared up here now but I won't feel like going out digging afterwards I don't think. Went to the shops so at least I can get on tomorrow without having to that after work 

Andy - good stuff you got at GC but your plants didn't come to £50- come on - what else did you buy? 

Did you treat Mrs Andy?

You're living up to the 'mean Scots' stereotype buying stuff in the bargain corner you naughty man....


Yes FG you beat Verdun, and so have I 



Did you enjoy your dinner Dove?

Having a cup of tea and a biccy now.


Me too.


Me also beat Vernon, got no biccies


Can't even put smiley in right to bed to read that damn never ending book. Sun had better shine tomoz.


I'll send you one KEF. Here- catch....

Watching Marple and just chilling now. Too tired for digging.

There's a bit of a 'rum do' going on apparently.....always is