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J'ai compris, Birdy, sauf qu'il n'y a plus de Marmites dans ma cuisine!


Also sorry belatedly to fidgetbones about your dahlia. Our posts crossed while I was playing around with language puns and stuff.

serious now: That is a real sickener when you've put so much time and energy into a plant. I know as a relative beginner that after potting up about 250 plugs I got so much faster and more fluent I forgot that, all said and done, plants are still tender, fragile lifeforms. One slip in concentration and it's gone! 

We are all working in a risky environment - like driving.

Perhaps there ought to be a gardening test before we can wield a trowel!


I say Vegemite, I say Vegemite. What do you say Verdun? I say what do you say Verdun? 


Mon dieu! Aucunes marmites et aucune Marmites, non plus!  Point du tout? Comment survivre? 

Quant à la Marmite  je l'aime mais j'en ai trois   - ma famille les ont achetées pour moi, mais je ne sais pas ni quand ni pourquoi!  

(Comment est mon français? Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais souvent je veux parler en français bien que n'avant pas visité la France plus de 5 fois, à peu près, depuis mes journées d'écolier. C'est bizarre n'est-ce pas?

 Peut-être je devrai parler en anglais avant qu'on ferme la porte contre mon visage?  

Sorry folks. Finished now.


Birdy, I'm not Veggie, just pref' it to Marmite Why do you have 3 pots?


Woodgreen wonderboy

Phew, for a moment I thought I had fallen asleep and was dreaming I was somewhere else!

Evening everyone.

Is the dahlia itself,stll,ok fidgetbones.  2 dahlias ...out of sight so out of mind,....we're eaten right to the ground last week.  However, it's prob the best time of the year,for,it to happen.  Growth is so vigorous now that,they are sending up,loads,of new shoots.  Hopefully you can save the that dahlia

Still think two posts....evening and nice.  

Its been lovely here today......beautiful evening.  Staking helps make a sturdy upright tidy plant then at about 7' or more high.  

Eaten healthy salad with carrots, Beetroot, lettuce, peas and spring onions from my garden.  Then topped off with strawberries, cream,and ice cream.  Oh! I am a tweedy so and so............but it was so good so don't care



Sorry, don't wish to be a party pooper, but could we stick to English. I had one year of French tuition more years ago than I like to remember so haven't a clue what has been said.  I found it rather offputting.


No thanks WW. Will stick to what I know, even though that's not too good at times. Only French was taught when I was at school, unless you went to Grammar where they took Latin.  Not like these days though, they have several to choose from.  

Hope you've been taking it easy since your open day. 



I've cut the dahlia down to 2 inch. It may regrow. It had just budded up to flower in the next week.

I'm going  to try and make cuttings from the broken bits. I've got them stood in a jug of water.

 I have got two others but they're not as big, and not ready to flower, but all is not yet lost.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

Sorry, don't wish to be a party pooper, but could we stick to English. I had one year of French tuition more years ago than I like to remember so haven't a clue what has been said.  I found it rather offputting.

Mrs. Smarty pants here put Google translator on it..right load of cods that was....Can order vino in French . 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Only joking TT. I went to Grammar School but they thought I was too thick to teach Latin!!

Having a much more restful time now Open day is over, although I am still getting visitors. Seems I am permanently open now... will start charging, then I could do tea and CAKE.  


No offence taken WW.  Languages weren't thought that important when I was at school. How things have changed.  Never been a drawback for me though. 

Shouldn't have to do that Kef. Think I better call it a night.


Fidget- perhaps it's every cloud'll end up with lots more of them and you wouldn't if you hadn't dropped it 

I thought you didn't need to speak French in France - don't you just shrug your shoulders and go 'huh' in a casual manner...? 



Hello folks  Don't suppose anyone here can speak Narfolk? 

Guess what - I went to the garden centre again today 


Evening all,just got back from a day visiting relatives in Midlands,spur of the moment decision,but have not seen for some time ,good visit,lovely Victoria Sandwich,must go more regularly

Bit concerned when I saw earlier posts that it had been agreed to only use French,glad it did,nt last too long

KEF,as long as you can order vino,I see no need for anything else to be known,except perhaps Gateaux

Fairygirl......I think speaking slowly and a bit louder,with vigoruos arm waving usually does the trick in France,no need at all to learn the lingo 


Dove - do tell - what did you buy ???


Well, I was looking for something to go with the deep red/black canna and the yellow bidens in a tub for the front porch.  I had bought some rusty orange gazanias, but they're not looking too good, having been bashed abot in the wind, and anyway I wasn't sure about the colour.

Wyevale (just behind our office) had some collections of plants, ostensibly for a hanging basket - but it had some plants just the right colours, oranges and scarlets.  There are also some little variegated trailing thingies, a fuchsia and some other usual hanging basket-type thingies that aren't usually the sort of thing I'm interested in - but 8 plants in all for £9.95, then reduced by 50% - think I can do something with them, don't you 


At 50% off it would have been rude not to buy them Dove