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Hi Woo2 - Your Sweet peas should grow nicely after being pinched out they should grow nice side shoots and get stronger


Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Piddled with rain for most of the day today. Planted some more seeds indoors - lupins, canterbury bells, a blue primula called noverna deep blue. There weren't many seeds in the free packet, but I'm hoping for the best. 

I've done lots of potting on of seeds planted earlier and almost feel like a real gardener!

A real gardener you are one already


The test for a real gardener is in the finger nails. There's a sort of ingrained murkiness that's still there when you get out of the shower.


Bright red nail polish sorts it out !!


That's cheating chicky good idea though. But I don't have to go to work and look clean so I don't worry about it.



Still haven't sorted the ingrained knuckles and cuticles.  Have considered trying to bring back the Victorian fashion of elbow length silk gloves .... but, as yet, it is not catching on


Woodgreen wonderboy

Fairy girl...seeds were Nigella( love in a mist) Godetia ( little frills mix), cornflower(blue boy)and antirrhinum( sunshine mix) 20p in the post. Hope a cheque is alright.

White Rose

Oh quite excited ... ordered lots of bumble Bees friendly seeds poppies, Red Clover Cornflowers, wasnt sure quite where to sew the thousands of seeds some of them would have, and then had a marvellous( if i may say so myself) thought of uing the pots that had been placed aroud the garden by previous owner, now have the difficult decision of whether to go red white and blue (have daisies as well)  in one pot or keep them separate, aaahhggg why is life not easy

Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Fairy girl...seeds were Nigella( love in a mist) Godetia ( little frills mix), cornflower(blue boy)and antirrhinum( sunshine mix) 20p in the post. Hope a cheque is alright.


I will never be a true gardener then as I am very fussy about my hands and nails.  Don't like wearing gloves, but don't like dirty hands.  Too vain.

Best get me coat.

Chicky, elbow length gloves not good.  Only accentuates bingo wings.  Nail oil pens from aldi help strengthen nails, other than that, pink or clear gel nail polish to seal layers of nail, then there's nowhere for the mud (or oil - other pash is old land rovers) to go.  Oil a bugger tho, will dissolve some polishes

Woodgreen wonderboy

I don't wear gloves all the time..usually impractical. hands and nails get vv dirty. solution. Don't use the dishwasher...wash up each day by hand..result, nice clean mitts

Highland Jeannie

When I was young an aunt lived with us & she'd look at my hands "I'll dry up, you can wash - it'll clean your hands"


MMP - an old land rover enthusiast? !!  Will have to introduce you to my OH, who spends most of his time under the bonnet of his (V reg, when it was at the end of the reg plate).  My last birthday was spent on an off road day (complete with tea and hotdog from Ricks Caff) - he knows how to treat a chick well .  Will tell him about the Aldi Nail Oil pens

Garden girl, thank you for the reply!

At the risk of talking to myself, goodevening.

It's been an awful day, non-stop rain and it's still at it.  More tomorrow.  Have no enthusiasm to do anything. Might not even get up tomorrow.



TT that sounds really bad but it's nearly over. 

Rain on and off here but it feels different from recent days. Or maybe it's all my imagination. I swing from despair to hope and back again several times a day

It was nice and sunny here at 1700. 'Great! thought I. So, when I finished work at 1740 I put my gardening clobber on and went outside.......and at precisely 1750 it began leathering it down.......just as I'd got my border spade and rake out!!! Copious amount of hail and some lightening to boot! I'm now back inside

Well, just remember, if I've not clocked in by 10.30, I've decided to stay under the duvet, with curtains pulled so I can't see the bl..dy weather.  Was going to clean pump and filters in the pond, but it will have to wait for another day.  So much I want to get on with but now, the soil will only be fit for throwing on a wheel.


Have finished moving a tonne of top soil into new raised bed, through, rain, sun, drizzle and hail, BUT it is done. Now to sow the seeds for squash and courgette to go n it

It's been beautiful here skies from early morn until now. Birds singing.
Weatherman says rain tomorrow but he often gets it wrong
So,evening FORKERS