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I'm sure you can - especially the little variegated trailing thingies!!

Pictures please, when your creating is done !

Having a GC within striking distance of the office is both a bonus and a liability.  I have one about 20 minutes walk away.  Many a time I walk there at lunchtime to stretch my legs.  Nearly as often I make unintended purchases and have to go back with the car after work and pick them up.  But it does mean that you rarely miss a bargain, and its lovely seeing all the plants come in when they are in season.


Not only is the GC near and handy, it also has a re-vamped cafeteria 'under new management' serving very good ham, egg & chips, not to mention jacket potato, salad and a variety  of Cake!!!  It's rude not to go there and support them 


Birdy, your French is pretty good. I speak it better than I write it, but I have a very English accent French men say it is charming

Funny, I've had notifications by email for other threads, but not this one.

Hi everyone - I've been busy in the garden this afternoon, cutting new edges to my borders, weeding the veg beds, tidying up the greenhouse in readiness to sow my biennals - only the fruit cage to weed tomorrow and brassica bed - can't wait to see my new Dahlias when they finally flower - I planted over 30 in one bed !

The potty gardener

I haven't done much today but this evening finally tackled the winter jasmine that had flopped as it had reached the top of the trellis.It is now attached to drainpipe and to higher trellis I got put up last week

.I also finally took winter baskets down and put the summer ones out. They are all behind and need to grow some.

Well I'm off to bed now- night all



verd- time for cake .... or have you been at the doughnuts again?


Are you trying to beat Verd by sneaking in early fidget?

You may be ok- he probably is full of doughnut. 

Didn't get cake at my friend's house but she did have KitKats  

No gardening or fence done today and need to organise dinner now..


Well, goodevening ladies. I know my males from my females Fidgetbones. Was just thinking, females can do 'boys' things, like ride motorbikes, etc, but males can't really do boys things.  Well, they could, but might get a lot of stick. No doubt someone will tell me I'm wrong.  I won't take offense.

Just done my Tesco shop.  Hallelujah for online shopping. Didn't tire me at all getting all that stuff into my shopping basket and home again. 

Got a bit of a headache.  It was that bl..dy sun.  I have several huge 'orange blossom' shrubs (I think) and I can smell them in the house. Could be that's causing my headache I suppose.

I'll have kitkats tomorrow.  The cupboard's bare tonight.  Gruel and stale bread for me tonight. Send me down some dinner FG.  I might get it before I expire.


Evening everyone,

Kit Kats all round then please Fairygirl

Sorry you are not feeling too good  TT hope your headache goes soon.

What a beautiful day,cut the grass,pruned various straggly shrubs,and have just fnished watering.




Just looking at the lawn. It needs mowing but as OH does hedges and lawns, it will have to wait until he gets back from Eire. Ireland twice in two weeks. Still, tonight he is staying in a very nice hotel. Last night he went for a swim, in said hotel pool,  and the attendant made him buy a swimming cap.  That caused lots of confusion, because he has a full beard but very little left on top, and what there is is only half a inch long. Apparently its procedure. Its definitely Irish. 


But them's the rules Fidgetbones.  It's a wonder they didn't cut two holes in another to go over his chin and ears.  Aren't you allowed to do the lawns?  Would draw the line at hedges too.  My arms are too delicate to do that job.

Headache in the wane Gilly, thanks.  Decided not to suffer and get off my bum and take painkillers.

The potty gardener

Evening. I have spent a lovely day pottering. Also went and picked up a sink from Freegle. It will soon have something in it, thinking of alpines at the moment.

Gave everything a good deadhead and have watered everything.

Tina it could be the smell which is giving you a headache, or the sun or a combination. Hope you wake up feeling better.

Got Mr T to watch tonight.

Hope everyone has a good evening  


Best of luck for tomorrow Bev.  I'll be thinking of you when I'm eating my breakfast at 10.30.

You have a good evening too. Hope you sleep well.

Evening everyone.

Glad your headache is on the wane Tina. Kit kats are the prescribed cure for those

Busy at foodbank today......gets more hectic each week

Cloudy day.  Just noticed some of my geraniums foliage have suddenly been attacked.  It can only be....and is.....caterpillars.  To devastate so quickly like gooseberry sawfly.  I guess I wlll need to spray tomorrow.




We're having a chinese. Would you like some Tina? Probably make the head worse- all that MSG. Not that keen myself but as it's just me and undergardener and she usually misses out when she's late at Uni I succumbed. It may keep me awake since I need to collect other chids in the middle of the night from her trip 

I may have KitKats somewhere- I have a Snickers bar....

Enjoy relaxing and watching Mr T Bev  

fidget- re the beard - you couldn't make that up could you..

Verdun- Black D is opening - looks slightly  ruffled and has nice sharp gold colouring in the throat. Will get a pic tomorrow 



best thing is, he's working in a "clean area"  at work at the moment  and he not only has to wear a hair net, he also gets a chin net for his beard. I did ask for a photo but I got a rude answer.

I could cut the lawn but that would set a precedent. He'll be wanting me to iron his shirts next.


Hi gang, done all sorts, but can't list otherwise you'd think I'd worked hard, mainly bits and bobs but did it slowly & happily.

Just had Salmon marinaded in lime, ginger & chilli. with salad & ( oops) oven chips. Nicked marinade idea from some OTT priced stuff in SM.

Been lovely sunny day, so much so that hands and feet itch( old problem) as didn't put cream on

Tina hope head feeling better.

Bev, you'll prob' have poor night's sleep, but I'm sure by break time tomoz' morning you'll feel fine and be glad you went back. Short week, so just go in with a smile and be proud of yourself. Your garden will await you at teatime

Off now as need to ask wise people on here a ?  


Hi, just eating supper but have popped in to say, have you noticed there's a programme about Hidcote on BBC 4 at 8pm?!!! 


Bev.........just to say,wishing you the very best for tomorrow,agree with KEF head high and big smile.

KEF ..........meal sounds delicious,the salad makes it healthy,the chips are just a garnish the absence of Kit Kat  have just eaten a mars bar justified by the fact I have done some work today.Also made apple pie,which went down well with cream earlier on

Worried this thread will lead to weight increase,so will try virtual chocolate next time


Dove that's the prog I was talking about on another thread a few days ago. It's lovely - tells you all about Lawrence Johnston and how he came to create Hidcote. His mother was an odd lady. Enjoy!