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fidgetbones wrote (see)

best thing is, he's working in a "clean area"  at work at the moment  and he not only has to wear a hair net, he also gets a chin net for his beard. I did ask for a photo but I got a rude answer.

I could cut the lawn but that would set a precedent. He'll be wanting me to iron his shirts next.

That I would love to see FB.

Right, got the picture re cutting lawn/ironing.  Sounds like a perfect delegation of  jobs.


Thanks Dove,have just managed to record this programme

Oops!   Just to remind you dove to watch love your garden tonight...........I'll get my coat


Missed Hidcote - one for the iPlayer.

Best of luck for the morning Bev - go girl !!



Evening all, glad you all had a nice day.  Was at work, just managed to come home and water the containers/baskets and then flopped down here to read.  Anyway will watch Hidcote prog on iplayer thanks for the tip.  Goodnight!!



Oh, it's been a long day.  Time has just dragged.  Did start preparation work on the porch woodwork but think I will have to use a sander.  Didn't want to get mucky as I had a Tesco shop being delivered.  That's my excuse for not doing much.

Do hope Bev's day went well.  Have been thinking of her.

Trust everyone else has had a good day.


Hi all.

Happy hols Matty2

Hello Soilsearcher.

Had good 10% reduction day. Got 6 new pots, oops now need another 3. Bought 2 Gerbera, pale pink/ white and one pink / orangish. Then found reduced / nearly dead/ rack it had been moved inside...grabbed container of 5 (the 6th dead) Coleus 50p then thought, don't really like them, can't give them shade and put them back! That's a first.

Then found another rack and got Scabious Pink Diamond for 50p, needs TLC but still has flowers to open. Why didn't I get 2 ?? All potted on this afternoon.

Later as watering veg' I kept seeing tatty looking blackbird, almost following me around, after worms I thought.. They've usually left my garden this time of year and come back late September, same goes for Robin who supervised hubby drowning white fly on front beech. I'd got some seeds left for ground feeders so put some down in usual place, a pair of blackbirds, a collared dove and the robin have come to feed and not fought each other just scoffed. They must be so hungry, I've provided fresh water everyday and fed finches / tits /and feeder birds, but didn't think about ground feeders at this time of year..feel so mean.

At least I was happy eating my meal knowing my little mates were fed.

Have a good evening all.

The potty gardener

Evening. I haven't been able to get on internet 'till now

Had a really nice day. The staff and kids were really lovely. First thing  I left my bag in a room whilst I went to find what I should be doing. Went back in and my bag was gone, class all managed to keep chatting as if nothing had happened.- they had put it in the next door empty room

. Then they had to build a free standing tower to hold a marshmallow as high as possible out of 20 pieces spagetti, 1m string and 1m sellotape.Some of them came up with some really good ideas,others just flopped .

I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow 'till I go in but am looking forward to it.

A bit of telly then sleep for me tonight.

KEF you got some excellent plant bargains- lucky you.

Thanks for your thoughts Tina, that or fairygirls wand worked some magic for me.


Relieved to hear that all went well Bev, you sound happy. Bet you sleep better tonight than last night.  


Bev- glad it was fine. Nothing to do with my wand though...all down to you  

KEF the birds  must like that restaurant of yours - did they leave a  good tip? 


Bev, so relieved you had a good day.  Plain sailing from now on.  Make sure you get plenty of rest, especially in view of the unearthly hour you have to get up. 

Hi Gels.



Fairy, they usually leave something


I'd change the menu KEF- ungrateful little b*****  

Evening Tina. Watching the tennis. 
Cut my grass today but not much else.


Used to love the tennis FG, but since my favourite, Andre Agassi stopped playing, I haven't watched much.  Like Nadal too, but he's been knocked out and the player who beat him has had to withdraw with a shoulder injury.  Pity he didn't have it before he played Nadal.

Glad someone else has had a lazy day.  Felt a bit guilty as I felt I should be making the most of the dry weather. 

As Scarlett said 'Tomorrow's another day'.


Eveni g folks.

Roasting this afternoon and still very warm

Glad Bev had great day

Be happy everyone


Well done Bev, glad it went ok.  Evening all been out all day but mostly weeding and burning all that pyrancantha, escallonia, (possible) cotoneaster, dogwood and viburnum.  Mostly done, although there's still more to chop down at the weekend. Hey ho.  Did pot up my acer and try to rescue the bay so all is not lost.  Off to do some watering now and feed the tomatoes, then bath and bed.  Goodnight.



Evening everyone,

Happy that your day went well Bev

Done lots of cutting down today,brambles coming through from field at back,attractive scratches up both arms,although I was wearing gauntlets

Watched some tennis earlier on,7 people have now retired,seems to be some sort of problem with slippery courts,some of the falls look quite painful.Hope they sort it out if there is a problem.


Verdun. I am beginning to worry about you.  Matty is female.


So glad your day went well Bev

Had the morning off this morning to visit the "Hanging Hostas of Hampshire" - an NGS garden down the road - unbelievable place.  I'm not normally keen on enthusiast's gardens - they can be a  bit samey when only one plant is used,  but this one was stunning (think there is a video on youtube if anyone wants to see what I mean) - it was like stepping into a parallel universe.  Well worth a half day's leave.

Then I came home to find an ex-bunny lying in the middle of the lawn.  No sign of injury - just expired.  Feel really guilty now, as I have spent the last few weeks cursing it for nibbling my plants - but didn't want to cause it any harm, just wanted to "relocate" it.  Girls think that I cast some sort of spell .  Better be careful who I think evil thoughts of .....