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Yellow flowers any time soon I'm told

Mrs garden

Yes it,is indeed lysmachia firecracker.

Can I offer a word of caution?  This is an invasive plant.  I has this few years ago ...loved purple foliage and planted it.  In first season it showed tendencies to run but in the second year it was rampant.  

So, accept it will run, grow it In a pot or take it back


Thanks verdun, I've just dug it back out and replanted in a pot! One day i'll think before I plant.


Mrs G

We've all done it.  Still do it I guess



I've been clambering along the top of the Shady Bank, tying in honeysuckle and clematis shoots.  My Duchess of Edinburgh looks poorly - one branch has completely wilted, complete with bloom - don't think it's the dreaded Wilt, I think a snail may have stripped the stem of bark .  I grew this once before and it was a complete PITA to get going, I must've tried it in several different spots until I more or less chucked it into a gritty bit of dust against the northwest facing fence just outside our gate where it romped away and bloomed it's socks off.  

I thought I'd got it right first time this time - gritty loam, northwest facing fence - but it's not happy ............. 

After OH manhandled me down off the bank we sat on the terrace in the shade with a large glasses of iced water (it's been very hot in the garden today) and watched the bluetits going in and out of the nestbox feeding their young - they'll soon be ready to fledge - they've been feeding them since we came back from holiday   I'm so chuffed that they're nesting there - we only put the box up in February.  I say 'we' but it was OH on top of the ladder hammering away - I know he was only doing it to humour me, but he is absolutely incredulous that the bluetits have nested there, and he loves watching them too - he can see them from the studio window 

Sounds lovely dove.

Its frustrating isn't it when we try so,hard to grow a particular plant but,we are jinxed every time.

(just pinched a big bag of haribo sweets as I check the forum.  They're really my niece's but she won't know..I'll get more tomorrow.  Trouble is I've now had enough of them but got to "finish off the evidence".  Oh well!  Have to get the job done.

Happy evening forkers


Dove, so lovely about the blue tits.

Verdon..what can I say?? If you are going to have calories have something worthwhile..I did indulge yesterday at GC a Lindz ? bar of dark choc' with nuts & blueberries, nice, will eat rest tonight.

But also swiftly grabbed a plant, friend fed up..thought of your comments and got a dwarf delphinium Summer Nights..another for a pot I's lovely. Sucker for blue plants.

Will fess up also ate mint & choc chip icecream at GC..just to slow friend down, honestly.

The potty gardener

Dove, what a pleasant afternoon.

This morning started wonderful- then the mist came and stayed all day.I managed to get lots of school work done.

Than Billy asked to go shopping- so we visited the dreaded Asda. Only good thing was that I remembered the local GC is open 'till 6 on a Sunday so popped in there on the way home. Found a lovely little Clematis Filigree in the reduced corner. Also  hardy Gerbera which was a little wilted but is already improving with a bit of water.

A bit of TV tonight and an early night. Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

Dove those hardy gerberas really are hardy.....I've had a couple overwinter for two years.  Lovely thongs.

KEF, you mean you only ate SOME of that chocolate.  I woulot have eaten the lot. Those dwarf delphiniums are lovely.  They will still get,quite tall following year but I've had some delightful,colours this year. Share your fondness for blue plants....I have prob in excess of 20 different blue counting in my head and I prob have nearer 30.


mmm hardy Gerberas--- (in cornwall) Def not hardy in Nottingham

hollie hock

Hello everyone, unexpected sunny warm day here, spent all day outside planting stuff out, watering and pricking out stuff. Finally the frames are starting to look empty 

The blue tits sound lovely Dove, I do love the birds but not encouraging any as now I have two cats. Sounds like you picked up some bargains Bev rescue plants are brilliant.


Fidget / Verdun should gerberas overwinter in a cold greenhouse in S. Yorks ? Hope so 'cos I bought a couple.

Evening all, been so busy today, soooo knackered to write anything today will say more about it tomorrow

Hollie hock - the seeds I sowed from the white campion end last year have started to flower and are white so the seeds I sent you should come out white

Night all - too tired off to bed



I've had my lysimachia Firecracker for 4 years and I wish it was a bit more rampant. The ordinary yellow one is quite rampant but easy to pull up, but Firecracker has hardly moved. So perhaps it depends on soil and climate.

hollie hock

Hi Gardengirl, great news not long planted them out so will look forward to them next year. Saw your ad on gumtree, hope it went well


Jury's out then BL on L.firecracker. Night night all.


Put it this way Kef, out of 6 plants put in, none survived the winter.   They were not waterlogged. It is very free draining sandy soil.  they just don't like the -10c frosts we get around here. South Yorks?. Well as I drive up the M1 to sheffield, the temp usually drops at least 3 degrees , so If you want to see them next year, I would pot them and take them in for the winter.


Thanks fidgetbones, I do have them in pots, so into the GH for winter.