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The potty gardener

Woodgreen- you also didn't check the time.

It has rained lightly here today, I'm going to risk not watering.

A little bit of Mr T tonight.

Have a good evening everyone


Is that Bev giving you a hard time Woody?.....

Were you hoping to be first and beat Verd Bev? Hope work is going well 

No outdoor stuff today- only 10 degrees when I went to work at half 8 this morning and not really stopped raining all day. Cleaned the house and did the ironing at weekend when it was wet so very little to do indoors. Did food shopping. How exciting! 

Even the tennis was quite dull..

The potty gardener

Work is great thanks Fairygirl. I am tired though.

My house wasn't cleaned at the weekend but never mind.


Who knows, Pentille, we may have corresponded or chatted on the phone. Been 22 years since I did PI work, so brain a bit rusty.  At that time whiplash was a believable injury, but once people started jumping on the bandwagon, it became a farce.  Still enjoyed the work though.

You are a load of 'Twirlies'.

Just got back from the docs. Had a great time waiting for my turn as I struck up a conversation with a lovely person. We are now friends for life.  On first name terms too.  She was 6 and a most delightful child.  Goes to the same school as my grandchildren which spoke volumes. Hoping we will meet at the School Fete. Oh, I went about my ear by the way. For some unknown reason, I have to go for a blood test for my thyroid and to see if I am anaemic.  Didn't like to ask what that had to do with my ear. Pardon, did someone say something.

Apart from that, I have done nothing.

Hi Bev.  Miss my morning buddie. Don't worry about the housework. It will still be there when you get round to it.  Hope all is going well with your job.




Might have known you TT! - I lived in Iris Avenue, Bexley during the Sixties.

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Not too bad in Fat Club - put on half a pound on hol. Visited elderly SIL this afternoon. She's drugged up to the eyeballs with morphine but seemed cheerful. She has a mind like a razor but today offered me £40 instead of the £4 she wanted me to give someone. No-one is saying whether her mouth cancer has come back but the morphine probably tells its own story.

Sympathise with the ear problem, TT. I'm deaf in one ear - no nerve of hearing or balance in that ear since the brain tumour (now safely removed). The worst problem is that I walk like a drunk, especially in the dark. Embarassing when we have been to a pub for a meal - OH finds it hilarious.  I find it less so!! 

Wet today - no gardening.


Hello folks  Grim day at work so large G&T taken - nuff salid.  Garden's looking gorgeous - thanks whoever it was who told Mr Dove to turn the sprinkler off - he said he heard someone shouting! 

TT - being hypothyroid can affect hearing, cause vertigo, make you very anaemic, give you ridged and bleeding nails, horrendous 'female' times, make you fall asleep  even when you're not tired (even when you're driving!), have sleepless nights, night sweats, and shivering with cold in the daytime,weight gain, irregular heart rhythm, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, unaccountable itching of the hands and feet, swollen fingers and all sorts of things (and I had them all as my previous GP wouldn't do the tests as he put it all down to 'my age').   By the time I changed my GP and she did the proper tests and put me on the medication I was very ill indeed.  Medication for life means I'm fine now (but still bear the scars!!!) 

Gardening Grandma

I have a friend to whom the same thing happened, Dove. What's more, there is a cheap test for hypothyroidism and a more expensive one (she tells me) and the cheaper test did not show up her problem, and she had to fight to get the other test. Only then did she get the treatment she needed. Not that I'm trying the depress you, TT.  

Pentillie wrote (see)

Might have known you TT! - I lived in Iris Avenue, Bexley during the Sixties.

I do remember you mentioning some while ago that you once lived in Bexley. If you worked in London, we could have sat next to each other on the train. That was when people sat and read instead of talking on mobile phones or making everyone listen to their music.  Ah, them were the days.

Possible got a couple of those symptoms Dove but I do feel OK. My lovely doctor is so good and really looks after her patients.  Always sends you for a variety of tests rather than give you some pills, etc, with the usual 'try this'. I have total faith in her.  Good to hear that you are now fine with medication.

GG, the excuses you come out with for rolling home after a good night out.

Been dull here today and very chilly.  Better tomorrow according to the weatherperson.

Just watched AT. I think the idea is great, not knocking that, because it is giving such pleasure to the recipients, but what about the upkeep. Might give it a miss in the future.

No, you haven't depressed me GG because I don't think there is anything wrong. If the ear doesn't improve, I will go back again and she will try something else, bless her.

Evening everybody.  Nice posts here tonight.....interesting as well as supportive.  That's great.

Went to foodbank today....seems more hectic every week. We are, not fat club GG......getting a warehouse soon.  There's pressure to do more but I think I can only do a day a week....even though have been doing two days recently

Been wet here all day.  But just looked around the growth and growth has been phenomen....fenno...phenom...phenomenical.....amazing over past 24 hours.  

Good luck with your tests Tina.  And fidget too with your insurance stuff.


Oh.  Thought love your garden was brilliant.  I know it's not a proper gardening prog but it's a joyful, corny, sentimental  happy presentation.  Don't really watch eastenders but I bet it was mIserable, loud and full of people arguing and cheating.  I know which prog I prefer


Hi just checking in , not dead yet but busy with things still got  a few bits to get out before they go to seed in the greenhouse. Weeding is at a tricky stage lots of growth but how much is desirable and how much not i really don't know. If the weather improves i might get time to post a few pics to see what to keep and what to dig up nettles and thistles i'n good with, oh and wild mustard those yellow flowers get everywhere.

Is there a purple flower that looks a bit like a dead nettle?



Blackest, you have to check in a bit more often. We were starting to worry about you. Glad you're OK.

I know a lot about chatting but not a lot about weeds.

Gardening Grandma

Nice to hear from you, Blackest. Bet the garden is looking good.

TT, you runbled me.

Verd, I enjoyed AT, too, for all the reasons you mentioned. TT has a good point about maintenance though. I just enjoyed the fact that it was about a garden and the way the garden was designed - even though it wasn't really the kind of garden I aspire to. I did like the way AT designed the pergola as a calm and private sitting area.



Hello Blackest, we were wondering where you'd gone.

Done too much gardening, the weeds grew a lot while we were away, and cutting down and tying up and digging out (last year's perpetual spinach). Now I've done my back in. It'll have a rest tomorrow, rain, and I'm going to a meeting in Bergerac.

Sorry to hear about your shunt FB. Hope it all gets sorted out and neck is OK.

Evening all, well was so busy on Sunday volunteering for Sholing valley study centre doing a meadow survey which was interesting spotting out different grasses and plants in small squares all over the field

 the square we used

 the field we were in it was extremely hot but really nice

 Millers pond in the meadow. The conservation day was busy but restful as well

There was no tyre wrestling done for the tyre planter as the tyre was took away by a member to get his work men to help so was not there 

Yesterday I was moving pots around the garden spotting more bits to sort out and I re done my easy fill wall planter with new herbs. Then spent most of afternoon helping my dad build a scaffolding tower lots of heavy lifting this is because he need to get to the roof.

Today been busy planting out sweet peas all over the garden, I still have not grown them well this year - even though I started them later in the year - not grown much and slugs kept attacking them  

So evening all

oh and here's a picture of my easy hanging basket 14" one with red verbena, blue lobelia and mesembryanthemum


Mesembryanthemum starting to flower now

Watched Alan Titchmarsh prog really like the garden like watching the show great path comes in all those colours wow

oh and here's one for you Woodgreen wonderboy for the wheelbarrow spotted it in my garden news mag today


Nice to see your post. Talk of your demise was premature then!  

Now, can we get Brumbull back?


Meant to say earlier at the foodbank we had a discussion we do when the hecticity lapses.....about the affect gardens and gardening can have on those with autism., drug and drink issues, general depression,  etc.,  etc.  Our local MIND group wants volunteers to teach and work with these people in a garden environment.   The tv prog tonight was well timed  for me. .Love your garden helped      convince me to find out more.