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Evening Brumbull

Been out cutting down some branches today lots of arm aching pain and checked my plastic green house seeds - some bits starting to grow. still cold and windy though in Southampton but was snowing a bit yesterday, want it to warm up, think I would be in the garden even more then.

Going to watch Gardeners World later

good evening i have been at work all day so no gardening here but i am hoping that i can do some clearing up tomorro


I have done nothing, except pamper myself.  Have said before, I am a fairweather gardener and the temperature will have to rise several degrees before I step outside the back door.  I am a bit of a fraud really and if we had to produce gardening credentials to be on this board, I wouldn't get past go. But I like to read the threads and pick up bits and bobs. I have even found out the names of lots of shrubs, etc, in my garden bought over the years, as I never bothered to keep the labels, by looking up plants mentioned.  Hooray for Google.



I've been at work all day, we've had fish and chips for supper (a fish and chip shop opened in ur village yesterday!) and some strawberry plants have arrived in the post - looks like the weather is warmng up just in time 

Gardening Grandma

I've had a long day, at a funeral and the ensuing shindig. Saw lots of family and gorgeous grandchildren and had rather a nice time - as you do. It was the funeral of a very good friend to us all and we will truly miss him. We've had four funerals in two or three weeks. Must be our age. Once, it was friends' weddings, then it was their children's weddings, now it is funerals. Sobering.

My T and M begonias are all safely potted up and my seedlings are reaching for the sky. Lovely!

My Crocus young plants (penstemons) are also safely potted on. I am thinking that if I harden them off, they can go outside fairly soon?



FOUR FUNERALS? (yes...I am shouting) gosh...that must be emotionally draining. I'm sorry for your loss GG...glad that you had your family around you today. X


All I've done (gardening-wise) today is take some emerging seedlings out of the heated propagator and popped them onto a tray in the sun room. I have gazed longingly at the garden and sent encouraging thoughts to the apple tree....

thoughts to the apple tree good one, plants bit slow need to grow bit more - does it work does it grow better?


Yes, my condolences GG - you've had a tough time ((hugs))

The potty gardener

Evening all. I've potted up some lilies at last. Still got 50 to do but wondering where they will go.

I was also fed up with weather so got some primroses and put in a trough on front window so there is a bit of colour.


Gardening Grandma

Thanks, all! I appreciate your concern.

Any comments on the penstemons going outside?


Depends whether we get the weather we're hoping for, or whether we're getting yet more winter - if spring actually happens I'd harden them off really well, then they'll be ok. 

Been at work all day so it's nice to have a good evening thread.

Tomorrow I'm at the Grand National. Never been before or put on a bet, only ever entered the sweep at work. so it should be fun.

On a gardening note, I'll be able to check out the cut of the grass on the track and look at the floral displays in the winning enclosure   

I've a couple of good tips for the main event......and apparently the riders are really important. Many ride in the run up races , I've been given tips on who to watch out for.    

Really looking forward to it.



Good luck on National day! Just make sure your horse has a good leg at each corner and the jockey is facing the right way round! If all else fails you can always set your BBQ up at Beechers Brook! (Sorry...... that was in slightly bad taste! Still..... shame to waste, eh............)

Gets coat and leaves....

All the best, Adam
Evening FORKERS.
Just met this thread and I think it can be a nice gentle rub down after long day.
Zoomer enjoy your day out at the National tomorrow.
Brumbull ..nice thread...
Expecting some plants in the post tomorrow so that's always exciting
Pennine Petal

Zoomer, stay away from women in very high heels, they fall over a lot

Woodgreen wonderboy

I went to Wisley today. Had to collect someone from Heathrow so thought i would kill 2 birds etc. and have lunch and a quick look around. My favourite corner is the Alpine House which always looks good, especially at this time of year. Imagine my horror when I couldn't get into the AH...b****y Monty Don was in there filming for Gardeners' World. Not my favourite presenter at the best of times, and now it's getting personal. What's worse is that the AH looked better than ever... no doubt putting it's best foot forward for GW prog. But I couldn't get in!!

Time for bed said Florence.......


No gardening for me today. Made sandwiches for orchestra and some of the choir for supper before concert that OH was singing in. Made cakes yesterday. Packed it all up, fed performers, watched concert, got back half an hour ago unpacked it and OH and I have just been having a late supper with the remaining sandwiches. Concert went down well. They are repeating it tomorrow in another town.