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Good Evening FORKERS

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Hi because you can't post on long threads this weekend i thought if I was to post a link such as

Then we could refresh this thread like so

so Good Evening Forkers, today has been interesting but windy and more high winds to come over the next few days. Interesting to feel it is a warm breeze now. Hopefully most of us did better in the weather stakes today.  

Where is the FORKERS FIESTA ?


As Blackest is being so helpful, I thought I would say goodevening to all.

Weather was beautiful up until 3, but the the rain came down and is still at it.  Managed to get my pond cleaned without falling in again and sorted the lights out, but 3 not working. Also managed to make a bit more progress with my last year's project which stopped because if the atrocious weather we had. 

Next door neighbour putting up new fence, which is very nice, but I am hoping he hasn't trampled down any of my plants as, for some unknown reason, he was in my garden.  Will find out tomorrow.

Hope everyone else had a good day.

Well done Tina
Had good day? Hope your neighbour hasnt trampled your plants.

Thanks blackest. I tried to get some posts on evening FORKERS but like,
everyone else without success. Good idea and well thought out.

So, evening forkers . It's been damp here today. Warm I guess but not gardening weather.

Good evening all   well, it's been a complex day posting-wise, (and elderly parent-wise ) but it looks as if we've all survived it - so far 


Did intend to use today to test out my new gauntlets by waging war on the brambles, but my blasted ME is playing up, and I've had pain in my hips all day, so only gardening I've done all day is plant up my little plantlets of strawberry 'toscana', a freebie from using my clubcard points.  They really are plantlets, not runners.  Still, will be lovely next year, and has pink flowers, too.

The only other thing I managed to do was re-pot a blackcurrant from Aldi into a bigger pot.  So most of today curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself!  Hoping for good weather tomorrow and my ME to bugger off and let me get on with stuff.  Loads needs to be done, hoping I've got the energy and pain free tomorrow.  Might just take some painkillers and knickers to the consequences!


Heavy day here. Shoulders ache. Decided to do a bit of last minute tree surgery and took off some Cotoneaster rigida that was over-hanging a Cornus mas and one of those spreading junipers. Didn't break any thing though, me or the shrubs underneath. A long way up for me, not very keen on up. 

Perhaps a little light weeding tomorrow to recover.

Take it easy nit. The wisdom is hard exercise one day followed by light exercise the next so you got it right.
Oops! Nut not nit. Sorry.......I'll get my coat

Evening all. Feel I should bend at the knees and touch my police helmet if I say that...not that I have police helmet.. Thanks to blackest for keeping us 'together' during all the glitches. hopefully all will be fine by Monday.

Nice  day here until late afternoon when wind got up and rain came on about half 5 ish. Got  lots of bits and pieces done including potting up all the baby sempervivums from an alpine pan and replacing them with the lovely pasque flowers I got last week. Started re organising shed which was a bridge too far really and rain came on when everything was outside so had to keep going.

Satisfying though.

Hope you're better tomorrow MMP Take it easy. The brambles will still be there... unfortunately!

Tina-is it a wildlife pond or a more formal one you have?

Verdun wrote (see)
Oops! Nut not nit. Sorry.......I'll get my coat

Right the first time Verdun. Bit sore in the shoulders but not so much I couldn't raise the wine glass.




evening all been raining nonstop here all day run out to see if anything was happening in my plastic green houses but not a sausage not even a seedling  so came in and ate a bar of chocolate and felt better lets hope the rain stops by tomorrow.   how do you get them little faces on the posts

Woodgreen wonderboy

I was wondering where everyone was, and then I found you. After a good day setting seeds ( runner beans and white cosmos) I was beginning to get a bit stressed. Anyway all is well now. 

Good evening all ( sounds a bit Dickson of Dock green)



glad you found ue wooddreen are cosmos easy to do by seed


Woodgreen wonderboy

Yes they are about the easiest of all. They are fairly large seeds so you can space them out in the tray, or put in individual modules, which is what I now do. They are also very reliable germinators, with few failures. They grow fairly quickly so best not to start them too early in the season. Also pinch them out to get them to bush up and give you more flower. If you regularly dead head you will have masses of flower all summer up to frosts. I usually only grow the white one, en masse wherever I have space. They contrast well with other plants. Oh yes, and the foliage is a pretty fern like leaf.

You can't beat them, and they come in good colours too. Go for it.

Evening, got my potatoes Maris Peers in today, planted some gladioli bulbs which I got free from the GC in the greenhouse, gave my spring flowering bulbs a feed, and carried on painting our fence. 11 panels down, 7 to go . All in all, a good day though, lovely to get out finally!

Chica - I planted some cosmos but they all died bar one after potting on, trying again with the second half of the seed packet!

fantastic woodgreen,will be looking for them on monday oooh im so excited.

The potty gardener

Evening all. Haven't been able to get on as have to share laptop with son.

I didn't do anything today, didn't want to get wet- will pot my fuchsias up in a bit.