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Bunny ...
Good Morning I know some have continued the good morning on yesterday's , I thought I would start this one to leave behind yesterday , it's comments and start the first day of spring refreshed , happy and ready to move forward into better times and weather (hopefully),... The daffs are in bud, the snow has stopped (for now) , lambs in the field and more seed sowing to be done given the chance. I have boring work stuff amongst the day, but an attempt on making my own bread again and an escape to the greenhouse for some seed sowing ...would be a shame to waste the spare space on the windowsill after all. I hope you can all be involved , share your day ...most of all have a lovely day
Gary Hobson

This a good idea Bunny rabbit.

The objections to the fake forkers thead were not about the existence of an alternative chat thread, but the contentious use of the term 'forkers' in the title.

Having a thread with a less contentious title is much more sensible, and should be acceptable to everyone.

There are of course other daily chat threads, such as March in Your Garden..

It's a free forum, and people can chat with whomsoever they like.

Bunny ...
Time to move forward ...

What are you up to today ?
Good morning Bunny
I have Lilies to plant,seeds to sow and fuchsia baskets to sort out - that will keep me busy today
Pam LL x

Last bit of paint to put on in my decorating project. Be glad to see the back of that


Bunny ...
Errr don't fancy popping over here next do you

No I don't Bunny. Not within the next 5 years anyway. I hate it.


Good Spring-morning Bunny and others...

I've just finished a 5hr shift that begun at 5.15 so after brunch, I will be moving earth somewhere outside. Sooooooo much to do, so little time, but yes, It's Spring

Bunny ...
Moving earth .... thats sound fun , roll on into spring I say , the sun has appeared hurrahhhhhh

Heyup and good morning all good thinking Bunny I hope your new thread idea works well lass.Ive been to me plot this morning snowing very heavy in my part O Yorkshire the temperature in the greenhouse at 7.55 am was a stunning 6 degrees thats with me generater throbbing away at this rate we are going to need a miricle turn around in the weather to have any hope of planting owt at all in the near future.

Bunny ...
Oh I do hope it warms soon Brian , I fear there will be many seedling babies around the country and further afield growing ...and eager to start sunbathing properly

Me thinks I,m going down to the local Sun Tanning Parlor and taking a barrow load of me seed trays.That will suprise them thats the seedlings not the staff

Bunny ...
Hahahaha Brian that'd cheer everyone's day seeing that

It is persisting down outside and cold and dark so I've spent my day dong admin and also the newsletter for my gardening group which includes women from Asia who struggle with our climate and plants and what to do when though they all have green fingers.  We also have European ladies of varying levels of expertise and a wide range of garden sizes and budgets so it's always interesting.

It's set to stay cold at night fo rthe next week at least so my babies are still languishing on window sills being turned every day to keep them growing straight.  some will need potting on by the weekend and then I'll really have fun as I've already run out of window sill space.

Bunny ...
Oh dear obelixx it really does need to warm up, mine are only just coming up and still have a little window sill left so ok for now .... Warmer they say by end of the month (hoping)



The ones that most need potting on are the tomatoes.   Chillies and herbs can wait a few days more but then i'll be struggling.  And I need my window sills for the next lots of seeds.

Bunny ...

Maybe doing a sun dance would work


Morning Bunny (even though it's now afternoon) Great idea, I hope everyone elseon all the other threads joins in as well.

Just returned from GC or 2 brrrrr is all I can say 

Bunny ...
Purchase something nice rosa?