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I haven't grown sweetcorn for a number of years and generally results were poor. I have grown Lark this year and each plant is producing 3 cobs on average and the flavour and quality is very good. Has everyone else had similar results and what are peoples favourite varieties?

You're lucky scroggin to have sampled some already.

Will let you know as soon as mine are ready - plenty of cobs on each plan though. 

I believe Lark is an early variety and here in the south the summer has been sunny and warm up to now.

My plants have been smaller than usual, but cobs as normal, about 2 per plant

Mine arent anywhete near ready yet, very jelous Scroggin


I don't think mine will be too long now, they've all flowered and there are a number of cobs on each plant. They are a mini pop variety so not sure when to pick then, I'm sure you don't need to wait for the tassels to turn brown on these.

Zoomer goes off to see if she's still got the seed packet to read the distructions which came with the seeds 

Oops...I can start picking them...the distructions say pick the little cobs at about 10cm, when the tassels are just showing and before the grains start to swell.

These don't need pollinating


Picked our first cob yesterday, hubby said it was the sweetest he'd ever eaten

Im gonna go check mine, i have sweetcorn envy!

And its one of the few things i can cook!

I could probably manage to cook it too!

Picked the majority of mine yesterday, although had about 5 cobs last weekend and made chowder, which was delicious.  I find that I can't resist eating them straight off the plant, so sweet and delicious, and I persuade myself more healthy as not smothered with butter!!  Give it a try if you have not thought of eating them 'raw', as I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

I never knew you could eat them raw- durrr! I generally prefer raw stuff, ooo, tjank you, i will try it

Zoomer - mini pop seem to be ready now at 10 cms - nice and crunchy so far.  Main corn cobs still not ready yet - couple of weeks of sunshine will do it though.

Forester2- I'll start picking some mini pop tomorrow when I'm next on the allotment. I can't beleive how big the plants are. I kid you not, they are twice the height of anyone else's main crop corn 



Same here Zoomer - it is like a forest.  Just wondering how I am going to get rid of the plants when I have harvested the cobs.

I entered mine in a show and got 3rd prize, first time I ever entered a show

Mine is mini pop sweetcorn love the tassel colour and they grew so big about 7 - 8 feet tall

I did not know when to harvest them no info on my seed pack, since the show ate them taste really good



Congratulations Gardengirl.  Have you eaten them raw or did you cook them?

Cooked them - did not know you could eat them raw, I do like cooked

Chris 11

Minipops just starting to show tassles, so will probably be ready soon, first time I've grown them.

Swifts are not ready and would have benefited from a sunnier August than we have had so far. Heavy rain and wind didn't help as the ground was already saturated during windy conditions which led to them toppling instead of staying strong and upright like previous years.