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I have been bought 3 red gooseberry bushes for my birthday , not arrived yet

I intend top plant them on my allotment and wondered if there is any practical advise you can offer ?


Dove is right about the spacing;  Due to the thorns they can be tricky to pick and you need manoeuvring space around them to avoid excessive blood loss!  Also, they crop so heavily that the branches bend under the weight of fruit so get about 50% wider near harvesting time.  

I have three well established gooseberry bushes which I want to move. When is the best time?


I would move them any time that the soil is workable between leaf fall and February.  If the new site is well prepared  they'll be fine.


As the others have said.  Loads of space.  I abandon my crop every year as too difficult to pick, but then I have Jerusalem artichokes growing through them too!

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