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alex beston


My plot neighbour suggested I make soup with the whopping great courgettes I have ATM.

Seems like a good idea, any one have a good tasty recipe they'd like to share?


BBC Good Food had 10 courgette recipes the other week.

I had a large white courgette this week and did this;

Set oven to 180, butter a largeish oven proof dish,

Slice tomatoes and cover base of dish.

Slice courgette and place in a layer, Slice 3 or 4 large spring onions and a good handful of fresh herbs, sprinkle these over courgette.

Do 2 more layers as above. whisk 7 or 8 eggs with salt and pepper and pour on. Grate some cheese or slice cold boiled potatoes, enough for one layer, then some cheese.

Place in oven for about 50 minutes, checking to see top does not burn and that all the egg has set.

Serve hot or cold.

Look up courgette, potato and cheese soup - truly delicious and freezes well.


Cut in half lengthways and stuff with a mixture of finely chopped tomatoes, garlic, herbs, black pepper, olive oil, bacon and cheese, topped-off with a sprinkling of breadcrumb/grated cheese mixture.  Bake for 30-40 minutes.  Delicious!  You can substitute any number of these ingredients but the cheese and bacon provide salt, otherwise you'll need to add some as oversize courgettes are pretty much tasteless, like marrows (to which they are closely related, so also google "marrow recipes".)

Slice Courgette, Potato, Onion and Tomato and layer upright in an oven proof dish.  Pack together as tightly as possible.  Season and sprinkle with mixed herbs.  Drizzle some Basil Oil over the top and cook in oven for approx. 45 mins.  Cover with foil for first 30 mins or so and remove for final "browning".


alex beston

Great! thanks for those. I took them off the plant about 2 weeks ago. How long do they keep for? I currently have them in a cool dark dry cupboard. should I refrigerate or keep them where they are?


I would cook them ASAP then freeze the cooked dish if you don't need it straight away

2 weeks old?  I would send them to the compost bin.

alex beston

oops! so its a case of cut'em and cook'em? 

Basically yes

The shortest time between harvesting and using (cooking or preserving ) is advisable for most veg and fruit.

If you pick regularly, the likes of Courgettes and Beans will produce more.......a seemingly never ending job for a couple of months or so........but so satisfying

Steve 309

Once courgettes have got to marrow size and developed thick, hard skins, they'll keep for ages as long as they're not damaged.  Someone I know keeps them all winter.  Cut them with plenty of stalk.

One of the best soups I have ever made was using up courgette! Sweat off as many as you have with chopped onion, add a good stock ( veg or chicken) once cooked crumble in left over Stilton, as much or as little as you have. Blend, serve and sit back for compliments!

Steve 309 wrote (see)

Once courgettes have got to marrow size and developed thick, hard skins, they'll keep for ages as long as they're not damaged.  Someone I know keeps them all winter.  Cut them with plenty of stalk.

Fully agree Steve - I always have a few which become 'marrows' and they last for months once the skin has hardened.


I make a basic courgette and onion soup then add mint, blitz it and add some cream. Can be cold, like vichyssoise, or hot.

Also, to a basic Victoria sandwich mix you can add grated courgette with zest and juice of a lemon for a moist cake.


Just yum! We do a courgette rice and cheese bake, it' s a Jamie Oliver recipe, I will try what you recommend artjak

The Kitchen gardener

They don't freeze to well tbh, as they are 90% water based, so turn to mush when defrosted, try this idea, but only if u like garlic, litely coat a pan with olive oil, add 3 pieces of garlic, sliced, and some tomatoe puree, about 3 tablespoons, and leave to cook out for 5 to 10 mins, depending on the size of the garlic, but takes 5 mins to cook out the puree anyway, toss in ur veg and toss for about 3 mins, this is great on toast with scrambled eggs, as a starter on melba toast, or as a base for most Italian dishes! Get busy cooking and experimenting, or don't bother growing ! My cucumbers are 12 inches long already btw, first year I grew em, £2.99 for 6 seeds, I was shocked, but so far, an easy plant to grow, and so far 25 fruit per plant! yet I will not ask for recipes, I could eat it like most people eat an apple lol, love it!  But its red salmon and cucumber sarnies this year!


Made a Moroccan cous cous salad with courgettes and chicken to take to son's for lunch today.

Make a marinade for chicken breasts with Greek yoghurt, harissa, ground coriander. Wrap breasts lightly in foil and bake in oven for about 20 mins or til cooked. Put cous cous in bowl and cover with boiling water, leave until absorbed, stirring from time to time with a fork then add lemon juice. Chop courgettes and fry until coloured but still a bit crisp. Chop French beans and cook al dente. Make dressing from cider vinegar, olive oil, the juices from the chicken, chopped lemon thyme, a little harissa or chilli, seasoning. Cut chicken in bite size pieces and mix all ingredients together.

Sorry, as I did it like that with what I had available, I don't have a recipe for quantities and timings, just adjust as you think fit.



 Take 2 courgettes and 'ribbon' them with a potato peeler

 slice a pack of chestnut mushrooms and seethe in a little olive oil for a few minutes

 wizz up a handfull of Brazil nuts with 2 Avocado pears, using the fiercest blade in your armoury. Add juice of 1 lemon and water and olive oil to make a fine 'sort of' pesto

 This is how the courgettes should look

 Add courgettes and pesto to mushrooms

 Cook for a bit until courgettes are as 'al a dente' as you require and bon appetite!