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Me neither
Enjoy them
Not me either Edd
but there's a photo of my Acer in a pot coming your way - when the advance posts work again.

Edd..........could your pot plant be a new variety of Strawberry ?  Really pretty flowers and 2 dimensional fruit ...........sorry..........

Secret Squirrel

You might be getting some more seeds off me again, the piles building up



Edd, don't write that acer off fella, we had one last year that looked worse than yours, this year i re-potted to a bigger one & cut all the dead off & it has bounced back beautifully. 


I left the dead til spring on the one i mentioned in my previous post, forgot to say i moved it too but it's just in another place in a south facing garden so not sure if that had anything to do with it.

Edd you Acer looks much better than when I saw it on the Plants forum, (Growing an acer in container)  

I posted the pics on that thread but cant get them to move over to here. You may want to check it out.


BizzieB wrote (see) Plants Forum Container grown Acer

Acer with growth from base of plant, has some long branches (you can just see one to the right) seeking light with leaves at the ends. Pot size 2'x2', the largest I had. It's tucked away in the shrubbery facing east but sheltered from easterly winds, gets dappled sunlight.

Saw your acer on the other thread; a sorry sight! Have to say I think it  has been kept in the wrong size pot ond position  Such a shame it has succumbed to disease. 

Hope it hasn't put you off growing another acer, they are beautiful





BizzieB wrote (seePlant Forum Container grown Acer

This photo gives a better idea of the acer in with shrubs, at the back holly and spotted laurel . Shade from the cherry tree. 


 photo a bit sqwished, Acer by cherry tree, should enlarge ok

  yes, the expert book says A.palmatum - bronzey green under leaf. Upper branches reaching out for light with some bare stems. The holly is right in the corner - background

There is a slightly better photo on page one here, just to show the growth from the base.

Being as it faces east I dont think it would do so well without the shelter of the shrubs. 

Must take more photos of the shrubs they can be overlooked by flowering plants at this time of year.

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