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I am looking at changing a part of my garden next year,this part of the garden is only 5 foot by 5 foot and I am thinking of planting grasses.

It only gets the sun in the morning and the soil is heavy with part soil and part clay.

anyone got any grasses?

need some ideas of what to buy.

hi dannyboy, I think most grasses like the sun and a place where they can sway in the wind always looks good. Its usually best to plant in spring so lots of planning time. I've not really started growing them yet but mainly just bumping up the thread so others might advise you. Good luck and enjoy.


Go for hakonechloa aureola ...loves heavy soil.  Lovely deciduous yellow grass with hints of red and orange.  Classy beautiful for front of borders.  Deschampsia too thrives in heavy soil.....lovely billowing airy flowers all summer.  Miscanthus varieties too for height and late flowers.  Carex....not strictly testacea are evergreen.  Bowles golden grass, millium Aureum, is stunning.  Yellow stems, leaves and flowers and good in partial shade and heavy soil.  Acorus Ogon is another evergreen grass like plant. I find elymus magellanicus, a very blue grass, copes with some shade if it gets sun too. Uncinia, uncinia rubra is evergreen foxy red "grass" and Imperata red baron may do  well's a blood red grass looking fabulous from mid summer.  ophiopogon is a black grass worth checking out. Molinias will do well there and have many varieties to chose from

For variety mix in some Japanese painted ferns like Ursulas grey fronds with red veins and stems.  Add couple of heucheras too.  Superb.

Thank you very much Verdun I will be getting some of the above.

making notes of all the above and once again thanks


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