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David, I agree it can be a so and so to remove, also if the weather changes and we need maximum light in GH netting can be removed.

Hello , I agree with all the comments , I have put up the green mesh netting

long May this nice weather continue

Orchid Lady

Hello David K, I have never had to use shading before as I haven't really grown that much but this year is different.  I was wondering when I should start using it so thank you 

When you say green netting, do you mean the type that can also be used outside to protect plants with little holes in?

At the moment I'm monitoring the light level because it seems that one side if the GH doesn't actually get that much direct sunlight because if our big privet hedge and the other side only gets it in the morning, but will keep monitoring.

Then there's the question of how to attach it?

I'm going to consult my new (borrowed) gardening bible now to see what AT says about it 

 Hello O/L , my shading fits on the inside with plastic lugs , very easy to fit and purchased at B/Q , I also use some greenhouse nuts to secure the tops and edges

it goes on the roof and down half of the sides , I don't bother with front or rear but it would depend on the position of the greenhouse to the sun

I have an automatic window opener and to compensate for that I just have it a bit loose over that bit

just thought my greenhouse is aluminium frame ,not sure what you would do if wooden

best of luck  



Orchid Lady

Hi GWRS, mine is aluminium too and I have some of those GH nuts so will use them, is it just the green garden netting you use?

I have just been in my GH and I think it will need some shading.



OL it is different to netting bit like a ...I don't know how to describe..Google GH shading  Doesn't sound like you need it yet. But good to be prepared. Like David I have strung fleece inside at certain times of day & moved later. Will use shading when we get lots of direct sun on GH.

O/L  I am going to B & Q on Wednesday , pensioners discount day I'll have a look if they have any and tell you what's called

just been to the greenhouse it's 81 , without shading I'm sure it would be in the 90+

having a cup of coffee , what a beautiful sunny day 


David like your idea when I get my new GH might get some from BM as my new GH is supposed to stand weight of 4 blokes sitting on the top

Hello O/L went to B & Q today , the Greenhouse shading they sell is 2-7 m x 1 -8 m and costs £21.98 the product code is 70625B

best of luck 

Hello , I don't disagree with Mike but for ease and cost , simple shading inside an aluminium greenhouse does work

Ventilation is very important and damping the floor also works well 

Lets hope we have a good summer


Funny you should post about that David. I was only thinking last night about getting some old blinds to afix within DIY runner jobbies to the inside of the greenhouse when we rebuild it to open and close as the worst of the summer hits.

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