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Hi can anyone help me – I have to buy a new greenhouse thermometer and would like one that has a senor in the greenhouse that sends a signal back to the base unit in the house.  The greenhouse is only about 4-5 meters away from the house.  I have looked on the net but have just got more confused!  Can someone suggest a reasonably price model that works!!!! Thanks

Hi thanks for that - I will give it a try. 


It gets rubbish reviews, so I woiuld not buy that thermometer. If you have electricity in the GH then just set the heater thermostat to come on at 3C or whatever. That way you do not need to worry about it. If you are really worried then accuweather or the metoffice give you free alerts.


The Aldi one is very reliable. It's only for interest, I don't heat the GH.

I look at the receiver on a winter's morning with great satisfaction. I've retired, no need to get in the car and slide up the lane.



There's a good value wireless one - search ebay etc for W-8685 - should be about a tenner.  It has max/min too and a 30m range.



I got a wireless one from maplin, works very well. Its says 100 meter range but im only about 25meters from the house. Think it was £19.99


Zombie Thanks for that link I will be one that shall be running down to Maplin to buy one as the clock in the kitchen is crap and with the added Therometer and wireless sender ticks all my boxes I do have a rise and fall thermometer in the greenhouse but you have to be staning in front of it to see the temp.


nutcutlet wrote (see)
I've retired, no need to get in the car and slide up the lane.

I can highly suggest this

I bought one earlier this year and it is a little more expensive than the models mentioned above but like the old man used to say "You only get what you pay for" and he was right.


In fact i follow them on Twitter and if you add TWITTER20 at the checkout you get 20% OFF, im sure this offer is still running so best check first.

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