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I'm really concerned about these pests. I know it's not their fault they're her, but they're ring barking millions of trees, including the English Oak, resulting, obviously, in their ultimate death. It's heartbreaking to see. Surely we can do something? If you know of anyone who's got an initiative about this, I'm happy to join any campaign.

Orchid Lady

I don't quite follow your post, are you asking if anyone wants to start a campaign to get rid of grey squirrels??? 


The only real way would be a cull. Too be honest I dont think many people would go for that, me being one of them.

Maybe fitting some sort of mesh guards over the trunks of the trees might help but that would require money. which would mean funding from the government or even the lottery maybe.

flowering rose

some trees shed their bark naturally and is nothing to do with squirrels.


Orchid Lady

I think it's possibly a WUM....first post and they are obviously trying to cause a reaction....well not from me but don't expect me to join any campaign that involves harming animals 


Mesh guards on all the oak saplings in the country........ interesting thought.

I don't like harming animals either, but I also don't like killing our native trees.

There are few, if any trees in this country that shed their bark naturally, & certainly not oaks. I have a 30 acre woodland & have seen the little blighters at 

Yes, I do think they should be culled, for the sake of our native wildlife.



Orchid Lady

I'd agree to putting mesh guards around tress, but they do that near me anyway.

As for culling, there is now way I could support that.  Look at the cock up they've made of the badger culling, suffering needlessly because people can't even do it right......but then they are only animals so no-one involved with the culling cares that much anyway!!  


As soon as you cull any wild animals what happens is that more move into the space -  "Nature abhors a vacuum" (Aristotle)  - that is why culls only work on small islands.

I agree about the badgers, it should never have even been considered, let alone done so cruelly.

Mesh guards around all the trees in the country I don't think so!! They've decimated half of my birch trees, a lot of willow, eat all the hazelnuts before they're even ripe, taking away the food from the reds. 

Thy of course eat the eggs & fledglings of our birds as well.

Anyway, thanks very much for comments & sadly, in this instance anyway, I think Aristotle probably  hit the nail on the head.

Dalicarlica I wasn't saying putting guards around the trees was a good idea, especially not all of them. I was mererly pointing out that regardless of your dissaproval of greys there is no real solution. Also can we have a bit less attitude? Noone has been agressive or nasty to you. I appreciate you are upset about your trees but please dont take it out on others.

Dovefromove you're absolutely right about others moving into the space we'd create by having a cull. Although I think thats got more to do with the fact humans have destroyed most of the habitation and therefore nature has to be a lot closer to us than it would like.

Orchid Lady

John, my advice.....just leave it, this person who dislikes grey  squirrels, they have come on a gardening forum and made no other posts apart from those on this thread.  They have no other intention than to cause upset in my opinion.  I think the comment re mesh guards was made at me, but in total honesty ALL the tress near me that have recently been planted have mesh guards around it or not Daliwhatever.

Also, tonight, I was driving and a grey squirrel had been run over, I still had to swerve and it was dead!!!!  I absolutely cannot tolerate harming ANY animals!!!

I'm going I stop now because I have had a few glasses of wine and that is when I tend to get on my animal rights soap box and don't want to upset anyone!!

Unfortunately I have to agree that it is too late to stop grey squirrels.  They are invaders i.e. not a native species and they have driven the native reds out of many areas.  It is also an offence to release a grey squirrel if it has been trapped.

Culling might work in areas where the numbers are low, but apart from that, like it or not, we have to live with them.

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