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And i will fish drowning flies out of the dogs water bowl, i often save worms and bees that are on the pavement- whole neighbourhood thinks ive lost it!

You sound like a very nice person Bekkie.  Bit eccentric maybe ?  In a likeable way 

Cheers Verdun, arent we all a little quirky? Dont be polite, im proper bonkers, but thats ok
At times i wish i was more like you, i love mushrooms, so have grown some, but i cant bring myself to pick it!

I rescue worms that are frying on the pavement, and  help drowning bees etc, but mushrooms??????  Even my vegan friends would happily pick a mushroom  



On that note why do bees and ladybirds insist on trying to drown themselves in our water butts? Seem to spend ages fishing them out almost every day.


It does seem as tho some insects are hell bent on extintion!

I know the mushroom thing is stupid, i think its because its the first ive managed to grow and have treates them like babies! Have no trouble picking cabbages etc, have no trouble using mushrooms from the shop, very strange!

Glad someone else saves worms

I happily kill flies, especially the biting kind but I rescue bees and wasps and ladybirds and lacewings and I throw slugs and snails in the road to be splatted if the eco pellets haven't got them first. I rescue worms and good insects when I find them in need of help.   I also feed the birds every day so the adults will hoover up aphids and caterpillars on my roses and veggies.   Good trade. 

I nurture plants I want and share the spares with friends but I'll happily put weedkiller on paths and cobbles too expansive to weed by hand and I pull up other weeds from the borders.  OH does weed and feed on the grass but not every year.   I don't care that much as long as it's green.

Maybe Mushrooms scream louder than cabbages when picked ?  The shop mushrooms will be silent by the time they reach the s'market shelves..........already dead Bekkie .

Ooops.......were you having Mushrooms tonight ?

I always salvage my worms and sad to say, I don't always kill the slugs and snails either


Just off out to kill the snails.Wish we had hedgehogs, but with so many badgers around us, they get eaten.

On another thread, it said hedgehogs only eat slugs when they cant get anything else
I have a creature that kills snails, but when i posted, none of us knew exactly what it was, i keep finding empty snail shells with holes in, we guessed at a mouse or vole, nut im still not sure, nice to have something else do the dirty work!

Hi Bekkie ........ it's probably a blackbird or thrush; I've seen them eat snails this way. I haven't read all the previous posts, but please keep saving things!  The world will be a much better place if us humans start appreciating all wildlife and realising how nature takes care of itself if we don't keep interfering with it and killing off the bits we don't like. With regard to hedgehogs on an earlier post, people don't realise that applications like 'weed and feed' kill hedgehogs! When there is dew overnight, the chemical is reactivated and gets onto the hedgehogs furry tummy, it then gets ingested when they wash. It burns them internally so that they can't eat or drink; it's a very nasty slow death if not treated promptly. Lawn preparations are also poisoning the sacred worm and other creatures that till the soil free of charge, also eaten by hedgehogs. There are no safe 'killers' or lawn enhancers, except for what is provided by nature.  (I'm always rescuing things too ...... it takes me forever to go on a walk when it's been raining ...... so many worms to pick up!  My husband walks on ahead and pretends he's not with me.  Every time I do any gardening [digging/pruning] I spend ages checking everything, like moving ants out of the way, or looking through every stem I've pruned to save anything on it. You can just imagine how long it takes me to do any gardening!)

RHKnight, i feel exactly the same, im also dissowned for saving worms etc!
If we have a bonfire, i check everything too, nothing withthe slightest possibility of anything living on it will be burned!



I had a pet snail a few years ago.  My husband had been hang gliding in Lanzarote and accidentally brought a snail back in his flying suit.  I couldn't bear to kill it after it had flown so many miles through the air, so I kept it on the kitchen windowsill in a saucer and fed it on green stuff.  It never strayed from the saucer and grew each year - after about three years it eventually died and I kept the shell as a memento. 

I knew someone who kept ordinary snails as pets in an aquarium. She was really knowledgeable about them.  I don't think they do as much damage as slugs so I leave snails alone, and it admire their beautiful shells.  A few I throw into the neighbours, not gardeners.

years ago I saw an old codger being interviewed on Gardeners World, who resolutely killed worms.  Too messy, dirty whatever.  His garden would have hurt your eyes, it looked like it was painted on.  Total and utter control.  Hope he didn't have a wife.

Steve 309

Gardens are not a natural environment.  You only have to leave it to itself for a month or two to see that.  To maintain the introduced plants in the conditionj we want them we have to remove what we don't want - weeds, slugs, rabbits, whatever.  Can't have it both ways at the same time in the same place.

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