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Can i leave agapanthus seed outside over winter ?


Hi Anthony, while many agapanthus are hardy when established I would worry about seedlings being frozen so would keep them in a coldframe etc.  If they have not germinated yet they need to be kept indoors until spring which is the time I would normally sow them.


I grew loads form seed on year and was lookig forward to see what they grew up to be as they had mixed parents.  Unfortunately, every single one was frozen to death depsite being sheltered in a greenhouse for the winter.   Fortunately, I gave a load to a friend and his survived as his garden is less exposed than mine.  This was 3 years ago.  They should be big enough to flower next year so we can see what we've got.

Thank you all! That is very helpful! Anthony

How do I take cuttings or the seeds to grow new plants?

Advertisement can divide congested clumps of Agapanthus to give you some new ones.  Just bear in mind that they always seem to flower better if grown closely confined.

If you can, let the seed heads ripen on the plant before collecting and storing and following the advice above.

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