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Thanks to you too Stacey - will try bee balm too - sounds lovely!


check the food plants for the caterpillars of the butterflies as well. just mentioned on another thread, last night's springwatch (on iplayer) all about butterflies and moths. worth a viewing. 

flowersforbees, I've PMd you

As regards comfrey, I have grown this for years and it is the first plant to flower in abundance and looks stunning. The bees are all over it early in the year. I have found it easy to remove selected plants by pulling or lifting with a garden tool when it has finished flowering. It makes a very good liquid fertiliser. Black bag with small hole in base. Place in container with weight on top. Job done.  


If you try a hebe go for Midsummer Beauty or Great Orme. Great Orme also attracts a variety of butterflies and hoverflies. I have had a large variety often mistaken for a hornet. At the moment the bees and butterflies are enjoying the sea hollies, echinops (globe thistle)

Thanks all of you - I'm now keeping a notebook full of all your excellent tips!

Will look at springwatch Nutcutlet!



Saw most of that programme nut  - thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Crystal tips is right -Hebes are a great attraction - used to have loads of different ones and bees loved them. Borage can seed about a bit but if you don't mind that it's terrific for bees and very useful as previously stated! (You can put the flowers in ice cube trays and make fancy ice cubes) I might get some again for my little wild patch. I'm going to leave lots of the clover that's here and they are loving that just now. A word of warning - I stupidly had sandals on again when cutting grass the other day and walked over the 'clovery' bit and didn't notice a sore foot and lots of sweary words later... 

Note to self: Really must wear appropriate footwear in the garden 

Fairygirl wrote (see)

Note to self: Really must wear appropriate footwear in the garden 


Yes, that would be a good idea but in the summer I look at the big gardening boots then put on the gardening sandals.

Glad you enjoyed the programme Fg


Talking of caterpillars, I've had some on purple toadflax this year, yellow with black and grey running down the side. Is there caterpillar that likes toadflax. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi Nutcutlet,

Just to let you know I've PM'd you!


Thanks ffb, I've got it. and answered

Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet,
Please could you read my message to you on
flowersforbeesandbutterflies! Many thanks!

Hi Nutcutlet - I'm going dizzy and probably driving you dizzy too!!

I now have my toolbar back, but I still can't read the PM you sent

me tonight although I can see the start of your message as clear

as day.  Every time I click on your message all that comes up is

my original question to you I asking what to do with my wildflower

garden when it dies back.  Think I'll go to bed and hopefully get out

the right side tomorrow!  By the way please ignore the message I

posted to you prior to this one - it just doesn't make sense as everything

I typed disappeared somewhere in cyber space!!











There are a few glitches around right now but I'm learning to live with them.

you can cut it all down when everything you want to seed has seeded. Don't overdo the cultivation, you want to keep the perennials. just a bit of a rake and a weed out of anything you don't want. you can throw in any extra seeds as well. Did I ask you if you wanted any lesser knapweed, there'll be plenty of that, it's one of the most reliable plants out there,

Thanks Nutcutlet - just off out, so will reply to you later.

Hi again Nutcutlet.  Thanks very much for all your good advice which I will

be sure to follow. I would very much like some Lesser Knapweed please, as

I want to try and get as many wildflower species to grow as possible.  I'm going

to try to post a photo of a white flower which seems to be spreading

everywhere in my wildflower garden and wonder if you could please identify it

for me, as I think I need to get it pulled out before it sheds its seeds, otherwise

I won't have room for anything else next year! Thanks again for everything!


 Don't know if this has worked but here goes Nutcutlet - photo of the

white flower which seems a bit invasive - do you have any idea what

it is please?  It's not as good a picture as I'd hoped so I'll post

another one to give you an idea of its height!


Hi ffb, looks like achillea, if so leaves will be quite feathery looking and greyish green.

A pic showing the leaves will confirm (or not).

going off line for a while now as OH sorting out the phone wires. Main PC keeps losing its internet connection