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I'm feeling a bit hysterical Nutcutlet after your last message (or maybe it's

the red wine I had earlier!)  Apologies to Birdy!  Hope he'll forgive me!

Have left a message on WAF saying I'm not using it anymore - think it's

best after tonight!  This is much better than watching the TV I've decided -

nothing much on there makes me laugh anymore, but tonight I've had a

good giggle! Must make a note to be more serious tomorrow, otherwise I

might get thrown off here. 



A good giggle is very important, don't get serious.



Hello Flobob (sorry ffb - had to try it just once!)

Nutcutlet's absolutely right (seriously!) 

PS nothing to forgive - you can't always tell can you? Sometimes we have to just wonder... 



Ffb said: 

Sounds a bit like "The Flowerpot Men" talking to their friend "Weed" - remember them? But perhaps you are too young to have seen them on kiddies TV about 40 something ago?  

Too young? What a sweet thing to say about me  - oooer, you're not a bloke are you?

(jes' kiddin') 

PS Remember them? How could I flobberpossibly floget? it was how I learnt to spleaK!  

Hi There Nutcutlet and Birdyl3,

Thank you very much for your messages - it's great you both have a good

sense of humour and I look forward  very much to our next giggle together!   




Ahhh! Flobberwobberdob! 


And the same to you two too!!!  Hello there! Now - getting serious ha! ha!, I need

to ask you both can you tell me please what this flower is?.  I found it

growing in the lawn close to the wildflower garden, but it's the only one

and I've never seen it before.  At first I thought it was a baby thistle, but it's

not at all prickly.  The thing is...I've dug it up because my OH was about to

mow its pretty little head off and as it has lots of seed pods, I thought,, ..   if it was

wild I could put it into the wildflower garden...but I'm not sure if it is, so please

could you identify it for me, then I can plant it either in the wildflower garden or

the ordinary garden.  Many thanks and t.b.f.n.


Pottie Pam

Hi flowersforbees,

I think it could be knapweed. A wild flower and good for bees.



Sorry ffb, I know very little about wild flowers - can't really remember what I'm doing here actually  or even how I got here ... 

Oh yes, Toolbars. Pottie Pam sounds confident, though, I'd go with her If I was you.

(I say! I'm not you am I?) 


Yes, it's Greater Knapweed, ffb, lovely thing.

There lesser knapweed as well, similar but lesser

Great!  Thank you all very much for that.  I have watered it and will plant

it in the wildflower garden tomorrow.  I can't believe I have never come across it

before - must be the warm weather we're having this year as it seems to like

very dry soil  Will save some seeds. I will the plant survive the winter or will

I just have to rely on its seeds? No Birdy you're not me......I don't think!


Nothing's come in ffb

Both the knapweeds atre totally hardy native plants


It's here now ffb, I've replied.



Found this huge (about an inch long) bumble bee hidden at the base of my recovering bay tree.




It was very lethargic and possibly ill.  It has a red bottom which is not completely clear on the photo. It seemed uninterested in the honeyed water I gave it In case it was dehydrated.

Later I couldn't see it - I hope it recovered and flew off.


just having a rest perhaps Birdy

Got this reply on thread about dying bees

steephill wrote (see)

It is a cuckoo bee. Very interesting creatures but not if you are a bumble bee. All part of life though.


Back in the land of the living again folks... I have missed you all.

I've PMd you Nutcutlet and hope to send with this message a photo I took

in "The Lost Gardens of Heligan" of their 




wildflower meadow!  Think they'll have

competion from us next year ( if our seeds take o.k) Nutcutlet?!!!