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11/09/2013 at 15:56

Here's another photo of the wildflower meadow at TLGOH - shows it better

I think than the one I sent above.


11/09/2013 at 20:11

that's a lovely meadow, mine was awful this year so I hope for better next.

abouyt to PM you flowers

11/09/2013 at 21:33

It's a shame the corn cockles don't show up in this photo - they were lovely,

but were a bit overwhelmed by the corn marigolds, so I think I will plant

those on the outer edges of my garden instead of mixing them in with the

marigolds and then they should thrive better and their lovely flowes won't

be hidden so much.  Hopefully Nutcutlet we should both have more success

with our wildflowers next year!   Oops! Nearly forgot! I've  just PMd you again! 

11/09/2013 at 21:38

I certainly hope so flowers. Maybe I'll grow more of the plantsaround the garden and stop struggling with so much 'hay-meadow' growing.

I'm going to PM you a photo

12/10/2013 at 15:08

Nutcutlet - I need your help please!  I have just taken delivery of 24 wild primrose

plugs and 24 wild cowslip plugs from Unwins.  They came beautifully packaged

and would have been in perfect condition if the Royal Mail had kept them the

right way up as instructed.  Anyway -  I've sorted them out (the poor things were  

roots up) but now I'm wondering whether I should keep them on my window-

ledges as I don't have a greenhouse and keep re-potting them as they grow

bigger or should I plant them now - straight into my wildflower garden?  Your

much appreciated advice would be very welcome Nutcutlet and by the way

I PMd you a couple of days ago to say thanks very much for the peony tree

seeds.  Best wishes,  FFB  


I apologise for having cheated and bought plugs, but as you know, most of

my seed sowing was a disaster last year, so I've resorted to plugs this year

in the hope that I'll be able to harvest seeds from them next year.  By the

way I've PMd you to thank you for the peony tree seeds Nutcutlet!

12/10/2013 at 15:12

OOPS!   Don't know what happened above Nutcutlet - I thought that last

paragraph had disappeared and now it's reappeared again!!  

12/10/2013 at 15:20

Hi ffb

I'll have to look at my messages but thank

Do you know how they've been grown?, if they've been outside you can probably plant them

If they're really tiny I'd pot them up and put them in a sheltered place outside. I wouldn't have them indoors, you're more likely to lose them like that.

Nothing wrong with buying plugs ffb, it gets you a season ahead

12/10/2013 at 15:24

Thanks Nutcutlet - if I can find my camara I'll send you a photo of them to

see what stage you think they might be at!  Keep an eye out for my next post on

this subject asI haven't seen my camara for a while!!

12/10/2013 at 15:48

Here we go Nutcutlet - What d'you think?


12/10/2013 at 15:52

I think if the roots have filled the pots plant them. If they haven't, keep them somewhere sheltered outside. Right up against the house is good. I've kept things through the winter like that when those in the cold GH ahve died

12/10/2013 at 17:29

Thanks Nutcutlet - I'll put them up against the house.  I have lots of wild violets

there which have done really well.  The only thing is, the corner I'm thinking of

planting them in doesn't get any sun in the winter - would this matter?

12/10/2013 at 17:49

they'd prefer some sun.

They're totally hardy and probably be happy anywhere. On another thread recently someone suggested burying the pots in soil to protect the roots. That might be worth considering


12/10/2013 at 22:15

Good idea Nutcutlet - think I'll try that!  Many thanks!

13/10/2013 at 10:10

They look like healthy ones flowers, I love cowslips, managed to grow some from seed this year despite total neglect from me, mine are  now out in the garden and seem to be happier. I have loads of wild primoses here,  they seem to do ok where ever they are and spread like mad.  I have a damp shady bed and they seem to do well there

13/10/2013 at 21:01

Thanks Hollie - can't wait to see them in flower next year.  We don't have

any wild cowslips or primroses here at all, so hopefully, if these get going

they will spread to other areas eventually. 

19/10/2013 at 19:18

Can anyone please tell me if "Love in the Mist" is a wild flower as a neighbour

has kindly given me some seeds and she thinks they are wild flowers, but I'm

not sure.

19/10/2013 at 19:22

I don't think it's a wild flower here ffb, though I'm sure it is somewhere. further south, Med maybe

19/10/2013 at 19:36

Thanks Nutcutlet - I'll plant them in my "other garden" just in case!!

19/10/2013 at 19:43

I had a great crop this year, must have been hanging around for a couple of years as none appeared last year

20/10/2013 at 08:57

Great for goldfinches - even in a town centre my daughter gets goldfinches feeding on the Love in a Mist aka nigella in her back garden. 

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