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My wild flower bit is looking rather messy. OH wants it tidied up. I want to leave it for the birds.


My whole garden looks a mess fb. 


Lol I'm with you there nutcutlet although I like to think it looks "natural"..


Very 'natural' Farmergeddun, I'll try and achieve a little control between now and next year. Not too much though

Hi Guys,

My wildflower garden looked a mess until today when I decided to get my act

together and tidy it up a bit.  Lots of tall dead stalks left from the corn marigolds,

cornflowers and corncockles, so I just pulled them out.  The ground was so dry

(despite quite heavy rain on a few days)  that it was quite easy.  The ladies bedstraw is still going strong and there is new growth at the base of my oxeye

daiisies, but I don't know whether this is a good thing?  Also my cow parsley

is already  showing new growth, presumably from the seeds of the only plant

I planted.  Is it not much too early?  My wild violets are already in flower under

the trees and I have today planted my wild primrose and cowslip plugs as the

weather was lovely and warm.  I've also planted wild daffodil bulbs and am

awaiting delivery of native bluebell bulbs.   I can't wait for next spring!




got it and replied ffb (2 replies)

My cow parsley is growing now, it always starts again with the autumn rains. Don't let too many of those grow and seed, you'll never get rid of them.

Thanks Nutcutlet - I'll bear that in mind re the cow parsley!

Hi folks,

Just a little update re my wildflower garden and a couple of questions I need

to ask, as I'm still not sure what to do?

Q.1.  As we haven't had any rain for quite some time, do I need to water my

       primroses in the w.f.g. as I understand they like quite damp ground?

Q.2. I've found a packet of field poppy seeds which I've overlooked when sowing

      my wildflower seeds in October. Is it now too late to sow them - we've

      had two or three frosts, but I think that maybe poppy seeds need some

      cold weather to germinate and as I mentioned above, we haven't had rain

      so the ground is quite dry?

      Any advice gratefully received as always! 


Hi ffb

I wouldn't water anything in the garden now. There's enough moisture to stop anything drying out. Primroses don't need boggy soil, they grow here.

I would sow the poppies, it's what they would have done themselves.

Now the apology. I haven't made you any cuttings yet, sorry. I think about it in the evenings when it's dark and forget in the daytime. 


Hi Nutcutlet,

Thanks once again for your words of wisdom (I really don't know what I'd do

without you!)  Not having done anything like the w.f.g.before, I sometimes get

a bit confused as to what I should and shouldn't do, especially at this time of

the year. Please don't worry about the bay cutting Nutcutlet......honestly any

time is absolutely fine, at your convenience.  I know what you mean about the

dark still surprises me how quickly it gets dark....haven't got tuned

into it yet!!   About 3p.m. I start thinking about giving the birds in my garden

their supper, but sometimes, I'm a few minutes late and they've all gone to bed!!

I'm going to try to PM you - it has nothing to do with gardening, but would be a

bit odd to ask on the forum!!  If I can't PM you I'll email you!



You've got a PM and an email ffb

Nutcutlet  I PMd you a while ago and immediately afterwards my computer

shut itself down (or rather Windows did, they found something wrong with it).

It's taken them all this time to correct the error, so I'm only just able to check my

emails.  Hope you get my PM o.k. as that's been acting up for me too lately!  


Yes, it's here thank you.  You're working OK

Hi Everyone,

I'm back (for tonight at least!!)  Sorry not to have posted for a long time, but

I've been looking after my daughter whose been very poorly and haven't had

time to keep in touch.  My wildflower garden has been beautiful this year, but

sadly, I don't have many photos to prove it (again no time)but I do have one or

two taken in May.  This year it really did well after all the rain and seeds which

hadn't germinated last year sprang up and surprised me!  Mainly they were

poppies and I was so pleased to see them after being disappointed last year.

I've just watched Monty Don weeding his wildflower garden and I'm happy to say 

I decided to do that with mine last year and it paid dividends in that I have hardly

anything growing in my wildflower garden this year that I don't want.  Now sadly,

it's past its best and as we've had heavy rain this evening I'm expecting to find

it decimated tomorrow.  We've had hardly any rain here for about six weeks, so

the ground is rock hard, but it seems to have suited the corncockles and

cornflowers and marigolds thank goodness.  My O/H laughs at me when I ask

him to help me to water it (It's a long way from the house -so no hose-pipe, but

I really think it needs a helping hand sometimes - what do you think?

Below are one or two photos of the garden in May - will try to do better with

photos and posting next year!  Best wishes everyone! Ffb.




 Just a p.s. to ask if you can zoom in to see the pictures as I had just

tried and it worked with the first one but not with the others.  Not sure

what to do about this and the pictures aren't really much good if you

can't see them in close-up.  Would be grateful for any feed back on


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