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Boring show last night Surely there are other topical issues than grasses and veg?? It doesn't help that it is filmed 2 weeks before transmission


I enjoyed the section on grasses - I hadn't really considered them for the new bed we're planning for our front garden, but the thought of seeing tall grasses through our west facing window with a glorious sunset shining through has grabbed my imagination - more research needed 

And I loved seeing those wonderful tomatoes - I was green with envy - perhaps that's the problem with my toms - they're green with envy at that wonderful polytunnel their cousins live in


I quite enjoyed last nights show, I would actually like to see more from the veg man. I would even go as far as to say I would like to see him have his own 6 week series and give us an insight into 'commercial' growing.

More info on the veg man if you are interested

I have very little to do in my garden at the moment, in 3 weeks time I will be busy again, so I appreciate that it can be difficult for them to keep finding different ways to say keep dead heading and plant some bulbs.


Oh Lowenna -you are a grouch sometimes-what difference does a couple of weeks make?-and that isn't always the case anyway

It was more of the review show which is never a bad thing-and it reminded people about winter indoor bulbs,and what can be achieved if you have time space and money-(anybody got any spare money?)

Muvs Dashwood

*under the cover of a steel helmet* Lovedlovedloved GH still watch his DVD's. AT was slightly disappointing, I was really hoping for more. I never watched Toby but saw him in other things and found him irritating and on the whole patronising. MD is ok but, a big but, his budget is far too big. His pond!! It was done in a flash and planted up. Not many of us could afford his time scale or scale. I would like a little more knowledge about whatever species he is talking about with some recommendations. CK is ok and her books are very good. I am watching the Beechgrove Garden on iPlayer now so will see what that is like. What I miss most about GH was his cheap versions of stuff ie my budget. There is nothing like that anymore. 



Love GW on a Friday - highlight of my week.  I think the current set of presenters is one of the best there has been for a long time.


I enjoyed Carole and Rachael's parts of the show on Friday.....and the cute chicken 

I'm glad I'm not the only one irritated by Carol Klein's fake enthusiasm

and what does she keep LAUGHING AT half way through her own sentences?? So annoying

Joe Swift is a complete non-event but I love RDT and I REALLY think Monty Don is fabulous

Personally I'm just still dancing with joy from the day the gave Alan EGO Titchmarsh the boot for making the whole show about HIMSELF

as long as he's not in it I'll watch

But please somebody!! -  tell Carol to stop sniggering to herself for no reason every 30 seconds,  she looks mental

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