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So glad GW hasnt gone off air for sport...thank you! Happy friday, happy end of the working week

Agree absolutely - well done BBC powers that be


Maybe we should express our appreciation to the BBC - they won't look at this forum. 

GW was enjoyable last night.  

Love your garden though is excellent.  Ok,,it's flawed......shoving hundreds of plants in knowing many will not survive ......but a lovely sentimental, caring programme based on gardenIng.  Corny?  Perhaps.  But titchmarsh at his best.  And his team just as impressive.  Lovely 


what sport?



I thought the design of the garden on Love your Garden, was excellent. I wonder if they get a professional designer in now. But the cost was horrendous - a bit OTT I think.

Well, they can be harvested whenever one chooses, of course, but I have found that piece of advice to be correct.

just had a thought.  Few and far between, so it made me reflect a minute.  Here in Ireland we are really particular about our potatoes, and they must be as dry and floury as possible when cooked. With smiling skins, I.e split skins.  The term "waxy" is a terrible insult.  I'm not joking here. We don't like the look, feel or taste of waxy potatoes, even for potato salad!    So, we leave them in the ground until they have flowered and the foliage dies down naturally.

anybody like to come in on this?

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