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Wendy 11

Is it too early to plant plugs now or is it best to wait?

As long as you keep them frost free and watered wendy they should be ok.


Depends what you are intending to plant and where you are going to keep it. But if you are thinking of things like petunias and are going to put it outside, then it is far too early. A heated greenhouse would be ok though

star gaze lily

I think its still a little early (depending on the type of plant)  for hanging baskets, we are still getting frosts so could kill some tender plants.

I planted 8 baskets two weeks ago in my greenhouse and got flowers on some already greenhouse heated still got 10 to do for the bowling club. Going to get plug plants this weekend for the 10 and plant up start of next week.


the tidy gardener

ive already got bedding plants in my kitchen,not potted up into anything yet,just saw some bargains in a terrific garden centre nearby.they will be potted on next month,then out  into a cold frame/mini greenhouse for another couple of weeks until putting outside in their final place.end of may probably,depending on the weather.

altho my dad would never put anything out until the 1st or 2nd week of june,ever.and his display carries on well until October!

but ive had enough of summer bedding by then.

Malcolm Harrison

Although it can be warm during the day there is still the chance of frost at night. I would still wait until May at least before making up the hanging baskets and putting them out.

Any summer bedding plants will require frost protection until the end of May to be sure. If you have not got a greenhouse then a constant heated room in your house will do eg:  kitchen, conservatory 

Wendy 11

oh dear May no green house

Very sheltered area had other plugs out since Feb  still doing great,, Just thought i may chance,, but maybe best wait at least until April.

Thanks all

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