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Caroline Gibbons


I really need some advice on my hanging baskets I think I may have over loaded them, there really wilted and dry I know we've had quite a lot of wind over the last couple of days and I have been watering them in late evening but when I try to water it just runs straight off and the compost is dry.



What type of baskets do you have? Can you take them off the hooks and stand them in water for a bit? This would only work if the basket is penetrable of course. If you can make a hole down to the bottom with a tube this is a good way to get moisture down too 

Caroline Gibbons

Yes I can take them all off the hooks I could stick them in the fish pond I have taken a few lobelia out and planted in the ground it was thick with roots.I will water again in the morning before I go to work and again in the evening. I should of put some of that gel stuff in them. But thanks for your advice.

Caroline, plunge them in a washing up bowl up to the level of the plants and keep them submersed until no more bubbles appear to rise. Your compost will then be soaked through.

I'd water morning and evening if they are packed and feed them well at least twice a week.

Next year incorporate some water retaining gel in the compost before planting, this will help, and get a small plastic bottle stuck into the centre of the basket as this makes watering easier and distribution of water more effective.


I had always being a but sceptical of the water retaining gel but have used it this year in my pots and window boxes and it has made a huge difference. Even during the spells of hot weather only watering a couple of items a week instead of every day. Even then they are not bone and they are in the full sun.

Am now fully converted

when my kids were babies, I used to line the bottom of the hanging basket with a nappy (unused of course!!) and that helped a lot with keeping the moisture in the baskets! 

Caroline Gibbons

Ok thank you for your advice Chrissie I will try that next year  and Pots and pansies that is a brilliant idea I've only got into gardening the last year or two but I love it. Thank you


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