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Whatever you celebrate around this time of year, may you all be happy, blessed and joyful - and looking forward to Spring. 

Beaus Mum

Thank you bookertoo and the same to you x

star gaze lily

Best wishes to you too Bookertoo and everyone.

Thanks Bookertoo, merry Christmas to everyone.



Thank you Booker, hope yours is a good one too. Cant wait till Spring to get sowing again, Snowdrops soon.



Snowdrops will be here soon

happy celebrations to all

Ivonne Smit

Holiday greetings from the Netherlands, too! Rain and shine here. Two rainbows at the same time!

Ivonne..........2 Rainbows   That must mean you will have a wonderful year to come


yuletide felicitations  ( as Margo Leadbetter would say ) to one and all

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Sunny and cold (for a change) in South Wales (UK).

Just waiting for roasties, parnsips and stuffing to cook, then we're ready to go  -- Yay am starving now.




We're at the stuffing and nips stage too - such a great meal and such a delight!  Let's all enjoy whatever we are having and be thankful to whatever you believe in that we are lucky enough to have it all, and each other.  Raising a glass to all …………..

Ivonne Smit

@Philippa Smith2 Thanks! I hope you're right and I wish you a wonderfull year, too! With or without rainbows. Perhaps sharing our gardening experience!

Ivonne ......  Look forward to hearing from you on the forum in 2015

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