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I had a lovely day at the show and came away with some lovely plants and bulbs.  Ofcourse I didn't take a note of the full name of the bulbs so I could check on growing conditions, soil, frost, size, colur etc. and will they flower this year and indeed should I plant them now?

Anyone know the store holder's name, it was a stall selling loose bulbs- you bagged them yourself, it was outside on the avenue, they probably do all the shows.

The bulbs are Chimanthe x3 (corms) and a large spark plug looking bulb Jack in the Pulpit- Arisaema - unknown variety which is the main problem.

Would love to have the exact names and advise on growing them.  i have clay soil on a north facing slope, which has been improved- shady area of hosta, astilbes, dicentra, etc.

I also have a darmera peltata and gunnera manicata to plant out, with a dilema as to whether to clean up the weeds round the side of the shed which is wet/ boggy but not very big- 2ft- 3ft  wide, or to dig up a section of the lawn and create a bog garden with a pondliner or?  Or do I go the whole hog and plant by the river at the bottom of the garden, which never seems damp to me, currently it is full of weeds, -  a few docks, ground elder, grass and a beautiful huge willow tree, and does flood every year.

Look forward to your suggestions



Bumping up so this doesn't get missed 


Thanks dove from above- has anyone out there created a bog garden and can give me suggestions or photos, or should I create a pond and have a bog garden round the edge. 

A pond would be a huge job, but I do actual love Monty Don's and couldn't believe how marvelous it looked in a matter of weeks.  Like Monty, mine too will flood by the river, but it didn't seem to spoil his pond going by GW March 2014.  The difference with his is, he will have had a lot of volunteers digging it out and layering the pondliner and completed it in days, I 'm sure it wasn't just Monty and Joe!  So unless I get some volunteers I will stick to a mini bog garden!


Hello, we were at the flower show too, but I'm afraid I don't know the name of the stall. Can you get hold of a programme that might have a map showing who was where? 

Or there is a list of exhibitors on the website that may help you to narrow it down



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