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She has weathered well though, remember her from Tomorrow's World. Philippa Forrester, I mean.


Very informative. I've always thought thar afrmers get a raw deal, now we can see why they have to invest somuch, and how farms can fail so easily in a bad couple of yrs.

Have been toying with the idea of starting some veg early under lights, might give it a try now, also to keep my Twisted stem standard fuchsias growing.  Might be worth a try up here in Scotland.  Love a good scientific experiment! 



2nd prog ,the share size off it is stunning, and iv been trying to convert my partner to rape seed being far superior to olive oil for yonks,and finally she heard and saw it, next is that men need a couple of pints or more each day but i don't think i,ll win this one somehow raining in Tenby Again
beer that was not oil
Heather Michaels

lol Alan couple of pints of oil a day not quite such an appealing prospect huh!

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