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oh yes

I'll take some pics later on. very pretty. More expected but cars still going along the road right now. Bit back end of nowhere here and can get a bit tricky if there's frozen rutted snow. I've stocked the cupboards for a few days


yes but it melted and now the kitchen is inches deep in water

Gary Hobson

The overnight 'heavy' snow in my part of the Midlands, as forecast by Mystic MET, failed to turn up.

Just a piddling inch, and some of that has begun to melt, as it fell on ground that was not frozen. No more is forecast for the foreseeable future.



nutcutlet, so sorry to hear about your kitchen. The Fens; SNOW! Only about 3 cm and melting. Have to do hair raising drive between 2 canals on a road that is never gritted, then work on an unheated site, hey ho.


A bit like here artjak. we're edge of fens near peterborough. Lots of drains but fortunately none of those both sides of the road deep ones. Only kidding about the kitchen. Glad I've retired.


Jean Genie

The snow that fell last night has been replaced by heavy rain here in West Lancs.

Wait for the  announcement that states  another weather system has arrived and it's not going to be as bad as they expected.

Take care, Artjak.


WManchester- yes now more rain than sleet. Had a light dusting overnight, did look pretty, but wasnt enough to cause trouble.

If this lot freezes then it will be bad!

Take care everybody. J.



No snow in Bristol but very wet and very cold.  Do put your pretty pictures in the Winter Wonders thread, as snow beautifyung the gardens is one of them.


We had a very light dusting of snow overnight here in Surrey. 

It is snowing here now - Surrey!
Pam LL c
Highland Jeannie

None yet, though a tiny bit of sleet first thing.

It's rather grey though........    And cold.


our snows been, gone and melted



Left work early to make sure I got back; heavyish snow now. Everything stunningly beautiful.

nutcutlet, I am equidistant to Downham, Kings Lynn and Wisbech.


I know the area though not that well. Middle level drain? I love the fens with the distances and the skies. But still pleased that this garden, being built on old gravel diggings, has changes of level. We're right on the edge, gravel on 3 sides then down a bit of a hill to black(ish) fen.

Just a few whispy bits of snow coming down now. Went for a walk round the garden and it's at that stage where it falls off trees and goes down your neck. 

flowering rose

if you could try and keep the snow up your end till at least Saturday.


Just been out for a lovely walk in Bristol. 6degrees, blue skies and brilliant sunshine and the birds were singing.  i think it may be the last for a few days as 2 dgrees forecast for tomorrow.