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I don't want it at my end on Saturday flowering rose. I've got a hardy Plant Society meeting

Had some sleet, does that count??? Got my ice grips at the ready, not getting caught out! Ha ha. All nice and warm watching the box, not that there is much on!
hollie hock

Slight covering this morning, didn't think it would come down as far as here, disappeared quick, hope it doesn't come back


6+ inches in Norfolk this morning - looks very pretty 


that's a lot of snow Dove. It stopped snowing here yesterday afternoon and melted in a big way through the night. Nothing on the road now, though it will be exciting out there if it freezes. 


Gary Hobson

The snow that fell in Warwickshire yesterday has all disappeared from the trees. They don't look particularly pretty here.

Does anyone in a snow-blessed wonderland know how to use a camera, and upload pics?

HappyMarion was asking if anyone could post some snaps on her Winter Wonders thread:

Post them there, or here. But we'd like to see them.


No snow here in the garden, but looking out of the window, there is a faint smattering on the high peaks of Dartmoor.

Only a light covering of snow here in Suffolk Coastal. Bloomin cold too. As long as the schools stay open I'm happy.


Still a light dusting in the shade areas of garden. WManchester.It was trying again this morning, but nothing much. J.

flowering rose

ss,sshh,I think the snow is heading towards the east,

Just frosty this morning, lovely sunrise.

we have had  a dusting in manchester and  very cold , but had two days in the garden .new border and tidy and clear up

Just home from London to Oxfordshire, none as yet


-13C at 8am thi smorning and another fall of snow overnight.which makes 3" sitting on my sleeper walls and garden table.

More heavy snow expected at the weekend.  Dreadful timing as it's the dance club's annual ball and I expect a lot of punters to duck out.  More space for dancing though not for me as I have a major foot op coming up on the 28th.


Snowing quite heavily here in central Dordogne. Glad I did the shopping on Monday. Hope it's gone by Friday, although it's pretty, as we should be going out for lunch with a group of friends.




Photos were earlier this morning, now snowing too thickly to take photos.


Took me 4hrs 15 mins to get home last night - 7 miles!!!  A really heavy blizzard at lunchtime caused Total Gridlock in and around Norwich for the rest of the day.  Son lives down in Suffolk Coastal - he couldn't believe it!!!


I really feel for those who have to work when the weather is like this. I'm retired so all I complain about is a lunch date. I was also a stay at home mother when I was young so it was my husband who had to travel. I remember when he had to stay in hotels because of weather.


3 days after it last snowed and -5.2C near Leicester